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Whiskey Gift Pack - Ardmore Legacy

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Presented in a wooden box, we found The Ardmore Legacy 70cl 40% vol. whiskey, a slightly smoked Highland Single Malt, with a dry and spicy body. In the gift box we also find Frutier fruit jewelry and Mircus sweets, Marcona Almond covered with Smooth Praline and Milk Gianduia.

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All the components of the gift come inside a wooden box.

Frutier fruit jewelry

A sweet heart candy, made from natural fruit pulp by a totally handmade method, in the ingredients we find; sugar and 18% fruit pulp.

The pack contains eight pieces of four different flavors.

Sweet Mircus

Mi & Cu Gourmet is a company created by the Miret Cudié brothers, a family with a long chocolate family tradition of more than 70 years of history. Mircus merges the experience with the passion for the Mediterranean and its gastronomy, for this reason, we can find as protagonist, in a large part of its creations, the Marcona Almond.

Mircus Fusion is the most creative line of Mircus, a fusion of flavors and textures of the Mediterranean that allow discovering, thanks to the different layers, new flavors and combinations.

Milk Gianduia: For the sweet tooth, a "gianduja" of the best nuts with an exquisite milk chocolate.

Smooth Praline: Caramelized Marcona almond, covered with a soft white praline made from a single recipe.

The Ardmore Legacy

The Ardmore Legacy 70cl 40% vol. It is a Scottish single malt whiskey from the Highland region. Launched on the market in 2014 to replace the out of production The Ardmore Traditional, this single malt is made with 80% of the toasted malt with peat and 20% without peat. The result is a whiskey with body, dry, slightly disturbed and smoked.

The Ardmore Distillery

The Ardmore is a distillery in the Scottish Highlands, located at the highest point of the northern railroad, about 200 meters above sea level, near the town of Kennethmont. The location of the distillery was chosen personally by its founder, Adam Teacher, maker of the famous Teachers blended whiskey, to facilitate the transport of Ardmore for his blend.

In 1863 he developed the recipe for his famous blended Teachers, which contains a high percentage of barley whiskey malted with peat. To guarantee the supply of this type of whiskey, Adam, founded in 1899 The Ardmore. Since its founding the distillery has changed very little, the water used by the distillery continues to be extracted from springs and rivers that come down from Knockandy Hill, a mountain 460 meters above sea level near the distillery.

The Ardmore distillery is characterized for producing smoky and smoky whiskeys, linked to the lands, fauna and people of the Highlands, an atypical combination, because when you think of peat it automatically relates it to Islay. < / p>

Tasting notes and interesting facts of The Ardmore Legacy

Country: Scotland.

Region: Highland.

Style: Single Malt.

Aging: Matured in American oak barrels that have contained bourbon, the ages of the whiskeys used to make The Ardmore Legacy have not been specified, the color has been modified.

Nose: On the nose appear smoked notes of peat contrasted with notes of fresh honey and vanilla.

Mouth: As in the nose, smoked notes of charcoal are compensated with notes of honey and vanilla.

Final: Medium and final dry persistence in which the smoky notes dissipate little by little.

The Llar del Vi recommendation:

Legacy is a young and representative expression of the whiskeys of The Ardmore, a medium-bodied whiskey with a good balance between the notes of peat smoked and honey and vanilla sweets. A whiskey with a great quality / price ratio.



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