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Gift GlenDronach 12 Years

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Presented in a wooden box, and accompanying the dense and sweet GlenDronach 12 Years 70cl 43% vol., we find the favorite cup of all the distilleries of Ireland and Scotland, the cup Glencairn whiskey official. In addition, in a combination of contrasts, black chocolate is combined with Ibiza salt of Cacao Sampaka and crunchy cereal bathed in dark chocolate.

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All the components of the gift come in a wooden box with a handle with a satin black lid.

Gleincairn Cup

The Glencairn glass is a glass whiskey glass developed in 2002 by the Scottish company Glencairn Crystal. Although it is not the only glass expressly designed for whiskey, it is used by all distilleries in Scotland, Ireland and much of those found in the United States.

The shape of the glass helps integrate and enhance the nose in the tasting experience, positively affecting the aromas and flavors.

Dark chocolate Cocoa Sampaka with Ibiza salt

The Flower of salt, nuances the sweetness of this chocolate, enhancing the taste of cocoa and wood. In the same way, chocolate gently leaves the Mediterranean Sea flavor of the Flower of Salt of Ibiza, the purest of all the salts, the minimum cocoa content is 67%. Net weight of 100 g. Dimensions: 16.5x8.5x1.5cm.

With stores in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Al-Kobar, Osaka and Tokyo, Cacao Sampaka produces cacao-derived sweets of great recognition. Cocoa Sampaka was born to spread the chocolate culture and to transmit the passion for this sweet. Chocolate artisans, they work the product from the first moment, starting with the selection of the raw material, the cocoa beans and ending with the presentation and packaging of the product. All products are made with cocoa of the highest quality, without preservatives or dyes.

Cracks Dark Chocolate

Cracks, Cudié premium range of snacks 70gr., crunchy cereals bathed in dark chocolate. Irresistible at any time.

The GlenDronach 12 Years

The GlenDronach 12 Years 70cl 43% vol. It is a single malt Highland aged only in European oak barrels that have contained sherry. It has not been filtered cold which provides an unctuous palate, with a lot of character, ripe, spicy and with a wide range of notes of sherry, raisins, orange, chocolate and oak.

The GlenDronach distillery

The GlenDronach distillery dates from 1826 and is located near Forgue in the Scottish Highlands. The distillery uses its own waters, extracted from Dronac burn, a spring located at the limits of the farm.

GlenDronach was founded by James Allardes, tells the story that Allardice, was one night drinking a whiskey that he had been elaborating for a while and satisfied with the result, he began to mature a plan to sell the stock that had baptized with the name of GlenDronach in Edinburgh.

The next day, James was already on his way to Edinburgh with the trailer full of his whiskey. Soon he would realize that selling his whiskey was not going to be an easy task, the landowners he visited answered that they already had enough stock for this season, we will think of you for next year, they said.

After many attempts, a defeated Allardice, who had not managed to sell hardly anything, decides to return to the hotel, when two young courtesans approach him on the street, James explains that he makes his own whiskey, and that they are invited for a drink, the women accept, and James returns to his hotel, with a young lady on each shoulder.

The next morning the word spreads through the neighborhood, and the two women return with their friends to the hotel for another drink, James, who had given up his campaign in Edinburgh, provides the women with more whiskey. A few hours later the street is saturated with women who had drunk GlenDronach more, the neighbors, intrigued, begin to ask and ask for whiskey in local pubs. Allardice, who had planned to return home with the stock almost intact, manages to sell all his whiskey in Edinburgh, GlenDronach had been a success.

After the death of James the distillery went through a series of changes of ownership, in 1920, Charles Grant, son of the founder of Glenfiddich, bought the distillery, in 1960 Teachers and Sons Ltd bought the distillery and expanded the number of stills from 2 to 6. In 1996 the distillery went through a period of inactivity until in 2001 it was reactivated by Allied Distillers Limited, in 2006 it changed ownership again, this time it ended up in the hands of Pernord Ricard until, in 2008 BenRiach, its current owner, takes the reins of the distillery.

The BenRiach distillery is famous for making natural whiskeys, without coloring or cold filtering, using sherry barrels and the rich and powerful character with hints of raisins, nuts, prunes, prunes and oranges from their whiskeys

Tasting notes and interesting data of The GlenDronach 12 Years

Country: Scotland.

Region: Highland.

Style: Single Malt.

Aging: Aged for 12 years exclusively in European oak barrels from the north of Spain that have contained sherry.

Nose: Classic profile of a sherry, sweet, rich and spicy. Citrus fruits with brown sugar, raisins, honey and caramel.

Mouth: Blunt, toffee, oak, raisins, sherry, oranges, vanilla and caramel.

Finish: Long finish with hints of toasted oak and raisins.



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