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Lot with Vermouth and preserves Espinaler - 3B2

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A set of Espinaler products presented in a wooden box. Designed as a gift, this set contains everything you need to match a great moment of aperitif, Espinaler preserves from the Galician estuaries, artichoke hearts, asparagus from Navarra, stuffed olives, Espinaler sauce and Espinaler red vermouth. A different gift to share around a table.

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Batch with Espinaler vermouth, Espinaler preserves and Espinaler sauce

About Espinaler

Founded in 1896 and currently run by the 5th generation Espinaler is a century-old company specializing in the selection, packaging and distribution of canned fish and seafood gourmet.

Batch content Espinaler

Natural clam Espinaler OL120: Commonly known as blonde clam. It shellfish on the coasts of French Brittany. Ingredients: Clams, water and salt.

Espinaler cockles of the Galician estuaries OL120 60/70 Pieces: Cockles are collected in the Noya estuary and washed in sea water to remove sand. Once cleaned, they are cooked, sorted by size and packed by hand. Ingredients: Cockles (Cardiidae), water and salt.

Espinaler mussels from the Galician estuaries OL120 20/30 Pieces: The mussels are collected in the rafts of the Arosa estuary and fried in extra virgin olive oil. We add the marinated sauce, made from vinegar, pepper and spices, previously selected. Ingredients: Mussels (mytilus galloprovincialis), olive oil (15%), vinegar, spices and salt.

razors-shells Espinaler de las rías Gallegas OL120 4/6 Piezas: The razors are fished in the pure waters of the rías of Galicia. If oil appears on the surface when the can is opened, it is a sign of the best quality of the product. We recommend that you try it. Ingredients: Razors, water and salt.

Squid slices OL120: This exceptional product is carefully selected along with the best squid. They are filled with their own tentacles and cut into slices. Ingredients: Squid, olive oil and salt.

Espinaler Sauce 92 ml: Ideal condiment to accompany all types of preserves and potatoes. The Espinaler family has produced the sauce with a family recipe, unique and exclusive since 1950, when Ventureta Roldós created it. We recommend it with spinaler olives, potatoes and it is a perfect sauce for cockles.

Espinaler olives stuffed with anchovies from the Cantabrian PN350g PE150g: They are olives of the "fine chamomile" type. Previously they have been pitted and stuffed with anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, which give them a great flavour. Ingredients: Olives without bone, salt and anchovy.

Artichoke hearts PN380g PE250g: Artichoke is harvested in the fields of Murcia between February and May; and combines very well with salads and anchovies. Ingredients: artichokes, water, salt and citric acid. 16/20 pz.

Extra white asparagus from D.O. Navarra 6-9 pieces PN340g PE205g: The asparagus comes from the Navarra orchard. From the moment it is harvested, it is processed quickly so that it maintains its unique flavour. It is carefully selected and the skin is removed so that it has a soft texture without fibres.

Vermut Espinaler Red 75cl: Made with a unique recipe based on high quality white wine, macerated, with more than 80 aromatic herbs that give it a unique bouquet. Among the aromatic spices are artemisia vulgaris, Díctamo de Creta and Kina. Earthy red vermouth with brick colours, brilliant and with an intense and fresh aroma of oregano, mint and caramel.



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