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Pack Vermut Espinaler And Beer Anchor Steam Liberty Walk

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Aperitif pack with 92ml Espinaler sauce, clams, cockles, mussels, razors-shells, potatoes, Espinaler olives and two 33cl Anchor Steam Libery Walk beers, a handmade beer brewed in California.

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Pack Vermouth Espinaler and Beer Anchor Liberty Ale

Craft beers it contains:

2ud. Anchor Liberty Ale 33cl 5.9% vol. : is an American Pale Ale originally developed in California in 1975 to commemorate the famous 'Midnight Ride' by Paul Revere, a prominent character in the American War of Independence. The beer, of golden color and dense and white foam, presents fruity notes of orange, mango, apricot and malt.

Preserves it contains:

1ud. Cockles Espinaler OL - 120 from 65 to 85 pieces. < / span>: Tin can of Spinaler with cockles from the Galician estuaries selected by hand. An elemental preserve in all vermouth. The cockle is harvested in the Ria de Noia, resting for an hour in salt water to extract all the sand, then boiled and separated by size to end up being packed by hand.

1ud. Pickled Mussels Espinaler 20/30 pieces, OL-120 .: Can of canned Espinaler with mussels of the Galician rías selected by hand in pickle. An elemental preserve in all vermouth. The mussels are collected in the Ría de Arousa and fried with virgin olive oil before adding the pickle made from high quality wine vinegar, spices and paprika.

1ud. Razors shells Espinaler 4/6 pieces, OL-120. : Tin of canned Espinaler with knives from the Galician estuaries selected by hand. The knives are collected at the best time, in the purest waters of the island of Sálvora. The knives are carefully cleaned and cooked with warm water and salt, finally they are packed by hand according to size.

1ud. Clam Natural Espinaler OL-120 .: Can of Spinach with Natural Clams. Commonly known as blond clam. It is marinated in the coasts of the French Brittany. They are marinated and prepared with attention and alacrity to preserve their delicate delicate flavor of the sea, without a doubt, the queen of the aperitif.

1ud. Olives stuffed anchovies 350 gr .:
Anchovy stuffed olives are made from the Manzanilla Fina variety. Of Extra category, it is carefully deboned and filled with an anchovy paste, allowing an excellent combination and flavor.

1ud. Potatoes fried in olive oil Espinaler 150gr .:
Potatoes are harvested and picked in the highlands of Soria, later the potatoes go through a classic process of peeling and cutting. The potatoes are fried in 100% virgin olive oil and salted just enough to maintain a low salt content. Perfect for any vermouth with Espinaler sauce.

1ud. Espinaler sauce 92ml:
Sensational condiment to add to cockles, clams and chips. Spinaler sauce recipe dates back to 1960 and is a unique and highly successful family recipe.



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