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Set Gin Tonic Magellan

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This Set Gin Tonic Magellan comes in a briefcase and is composed of tonic and different combinations of botanicals and dried fruit. To enjoy this Scottish gin inspired by the Portuguese explorer Magellan; One gin Magellan 70cl and 41.3% vol; Six single-dose trays with different dried fruits; Six tonic Fever Tree and a box with Cassia.

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Set Gin Tonic Magellan

Set content

A Geneva Magellan 70 cl 41.3%vol., a gin distilled in France and inspired by the Portuguese explorer Magallanes. Its characteristic blue colour comes from one of the natural botanicals it uses, the iris root.

Six tonic Fever Tree Mediterranean 20cl, a tonic made from the essential oils of flowers, fruits and aromatic herbs collected by small producers on the Mediterranean coast, with the best quality natural quinine - extracted from a fever tree plantation or 'fever-trees' located in Eastern Congo, a floral tonic, delicate and unique.

Twelve edible candies of different flavours; Apple, Lemon, Strawberry, Ginger and Cinnamon. The candy, maintains its consistency of caramel for more than thirty minutes in the glass. A different product, very aromatic, edible, which removes the plastic from your cocktail or Gin & Tonic and provides different aromas and flavors.

Six different single-dose trays with multiple combinations of dehydrated fruit and botanicals, such as; Buddha and juniper hand; green apple and jamaica pepper; dehydrated orange; star anise, liquorice and dehydrated blood orange and more combinations that will make you enjoy six different Gin & Tonic.

A box of Cassia Toque Especial.

A gift case.

Magellan gin

Magellan is a gin of Galo origin of quadruple distillation, in this last one the botanicals are added that conform the gin; the juniper, the clove, the cinnamon, the cassia, the peel of orange, the grains of the paradise, the nutmeg, the liquorice, the cilantro, the cardamom and finally the root and flower of iris that provide its characteristic color and aroma to him.

Magellan is a gin of blue tones, light and balanced body, with floral notes with a citric point..

History of gin Magellan

The Magellan gin is inspired by Fernando de Magallanes who in 1519 set sail with five sailboats to search and explore the "islands of spices", three more years only managed to return a boat full of spices to Spain, without Magellan. The expedition turned out to be the first circumnavigation of the Earth in 1522.

These are the spices on which Magellan is based. This Geneva is distilled by hand into small batches at the Angeac distillery in France's Cognac region, using exotic botanicals from around the world.

The base of the distillate is distilled three times before infusing the eleven botanicals. During the fourth distillation the alcohol is infused with the botanists in small batches in a copper still, using a special cloth the elements are added to the wheat grain alcohol with water. The final step is to add to the gin the root and petals of Iris that give it that particular blue color.

Magellan botanicals

Gin Magellan uses eleven botanicals in an alcohol base of wheat grain and water: Licorice, juniper berries, orange peel, iris root, iris petals, paradise grains, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cilantro and clove.



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Set Gin Tonic

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