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Set Gin Tonic Ginebra Puerto de Indias "Perfect Serve"

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This Set Gin Tonic Puerto de Indias is presented in a briefcase case and is composed of all the necessary elements to make the 'Perfect Serve' with this Sevillian gin infused with strawberries from Huelva; A Puerto de Indias Strawberry 70cl gin 39% vol .; Six edible cañitas; Six trays with dehydrated strawberry; Six tonic Indi and a box with Cassia Special Touch.

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Set Gin Tonic Puerto de Indias

Content of the Set

A Gin Puerto de Indias Strawberry of 70 cl 39% vol.

Six tonic Indi Premium 20cl: Made by hand. Starting from a cold maceration of water and alcohol from botanists such as oranges from Seville, lime and lemon rind, kewra flower, cardamom seeds, kalinji and cinchona bark. An old-fashioned, balanced and tasty tonic.

Six edible straws of two different flavors, lemon and strawberry. The straw keeps its caramel consistency for more than thirty minutes in the glass. A different product, very aromatic, edible, that eliminates the plastic of your cocktail or Gin & Tonic and brings different aromas and flavors.

A Special Touch box with Cassia's 63g, Cinnamon Cassia is similar to cinnamon we all know but with more spicy and less sweet notes. Bark of the evergreen tree native to southern China and Indonesia, also known as Chinese cinnamon.

Six trays Monodosis with dehydrated high quality strawberries.

Case Briefcase

Puerto de Indias gin

The gin Puerto de Indias is a fruity gin. This Sevillian gin is infused with strawberries from the province of Huelva and is produced by Los Alcores de Carmona, a family distillery. This Premium gin has a very characteristic flavor, with a touch of licorice, strawberries and a citrus point.

History of the gin Puerto de Indias Premium Strawberry

Premium Puerto de Indias Strawberry gin is born in Andalucia, in the Los Alcores de Carmona distillery located in Seville and directed by the brothers Francisco and José Antonio Rodríguez. The origin of this distillation begins with the experimentation of the maceration of strawberries for the elaboration of a strawberry liqueur, part of the formula would end up being applied in the distillation process of Puerto de Indias Strawberry, the maceration of high quality strawberries from Huelva and the use in the distillation of one of the oldest copper alembics in Andalusia, with more than a century of history.

Puerto de Indias gin botanists

This gin sevillana uses the same botanicals as the classic Puerto de Indias gin, which are kept secret, in addition to the strawberries that give it the characteristic flavor and aroma, coming from Lepe. p>

Gin Tónic Puerto de Indias "Perfect Serve"


50 ml of Puerto de Indias gin.

An Indi tonic.

Sheets of lyophilized strawberries.

A unit of Cassia in Rama.


Cool the glass well with plenty of ice, we can help a braided spoon, remove excess water. Place the cassia on the bottom of the tall glass or balloon glass, add 50ml of Puerto de Indias gin, place the lyophilized fruit and fill it up with the tonic, being careful not to lose the bubble, pouring it gently on the ice or helping us of a braided spoon.


Opinion based on purchase
Estupendo set muy completo! Envío rápido, sin duda repetiría.
Opinion based on purchase


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