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Rum & Coke Kit - Don Papa

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This Rum & Coke Kit - Don Papa is presented in a box and is composed of all the necessary elements and accessories to prepare Cuba Libres Premium; A Ron Don Papa 70cl 40% vol., Six Fentimans Curiosity Cola 275ml, a soft drink that uses a Victorian formula, six single dose bar with dehydrated orange, two cups, measuring cup; Chokoas spoon and two sweets.

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Rum & Coke Kit- Don Papa

Chill your glass well, helping yourself with the braided spoon, extract the remaining water and add, with the help of the meter, 5cl of rum, place the dehydrated orange, fill the glass with 20cl of Fentimans Curiosity Cola helping you of the braided spoon, letting the mixer flow through the spoon, preventing the bubble from being lost. Ready, a simple and very refreshing cocktail!

Content of the set

Ron Don Papa 70cl 40% vol. is a rum made in small lots on the island of Negros, in the Philippines. The rum is inspired by the story of Dionisio Magbuelas, known locally as Papa Isio and his contribution during the Philippine revolution of the late nineteenth century. Made in the sugar cane capital of the Philippines and from one of the best sugarcane in the world, Don Papa grows old at the foot of Mount Kanlaon for 7 years in oak barrels before being mixed and bottled.

Six Fentimans Curiosity Cola 275ml: A soft drink of British origin that uses a recipe recovered from the Victorian era of a unique character.

Six single-dose trays with dehydrated orange, very aromatic and with the always refreshing citrus touch.

Chokoas Black Chocolate 60gr: caramelized almond bonbon dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Chocolate Chokoas with Milk 60gr: Caramelized almond bonbon dipped in chocolate milk and sprinkled with cocoa.

Two large capacity ball cups, perfect for this type of combination.

Meter / Jigger, meter to make your Cuba Libre Premium with the perfect ratio.

Braided, basic spoon allows us to remove and incorporate the Fever Tree Cola without breaking the bubble.

Party Time Case, a black case with double closure, an unbeatable presentation for a super set.



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