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Pack Gin Tonic Ungava

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In this Pack of gin we find, in addition to the Canadian gin infused with Arctic botanists; Ungava 70cl 43.1% vol .; Four tonic Fentimans, a case of botanical Té-Tonic, with six different botanicals and a chocolate bar Sampaka Gin & Tonic 40% 100g, cocoa with a surprising touch of juniper and citrus.

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Pack Ungava Gin

Package Contents

One Gin Ungava 70cl 43.1% vol.

Four tonic Fentimans 20cl: A tonic made from totally natural ingredients; Fermented organic grain, Cochin lemon grass, bark bark of the natural tree of chinchoa and brown sugar. As a curious fact, in the production process, a seven-day fermentation takes place that enhances its flavor and produces 0.5% vol / alc ..

Collection of botanicals for Gin & Tonic Té-Tonic, special six-spice box for Gin & Tonic, with independent packaging to keep it fresh, in all its uses.

Cocoa Sampaka Gin & Tonic 40% Cocoa 100g, a chocolate tablet (16,5x8,5x1,5 cm) that combines high quality cocoa with a surprising touch of juniper and citrus.

With stores in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Al-Kobar, Osaka and Tokyo, Cacao Sampaka produces cacao-derived sweets of great recognition. Cocoa Sampaka was born to spread the chocolate culture and to transmit the passion for this sweet. Chocolate artisans, they work the product from the first moment, starting with the selection of the raw material, the cocoa beans and ending with the presentation and packaging of the product. All products are made with cocoa of the highest quality, without preservatives or dyes.

A spectacular gift case with fine black exterior finishes, silver interiors and magnetic closure, is the ideal presentation to make an elegant and certainly different detail.


Ungava 70cl and 43.1% vol. is an elaborate gin in northern Canada, where the Canadian tundra meets frozen seas. The six botanicals used by the gin are collected, by hand, during the spring and summer, at the home of the Eskimos, also known as Inuit. The result is an interesting and different gin, with a distinctive flavor and a natural and vibrant color.

History of the gin

Ungava has its origins in the homonymous region that is located in the north of Canada, in the land of the Inuits, the Eskimo peoples who inhabit the Arctic regions for thousands of years. The gin uses natural botanists from the region who are hand-picked in a sustainable manner respecting the Inuit people that inhabit them.

A gin that gives us the opportunity to get to know the Eskimo people and northern Canada through its botanists.

Elaboration and botanists

As we have already mentioned, Ungava uses autochthonous botanists from the Arctic, among which we find; Rose hip wild (Oginiminaga for the Inuit), which gives a bittersweet touch, Arctic rhododendrons (Ukiurtatuq), which gives floral notes, Mora de los marsh (Arpiqutik), responsible for the color of gin, Tea of ​​the farmer (for the Inuit Mamaittuqutik), both the flower and the leaves provide floral notes, Black Camarina or Raven Berry (Paurngaqutik), providing a bittersweet fruity character and Nordic Juniper (Qisiqtutauyak) that give it an aromatic character.

Of floral character, the gin shows on the nose notes of mint tea, pine and lemon with white flowers. On the palate highlights the juniper and sweet notes, with hints of figs.



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Pack Gin Tonic

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