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Gin Tonic Botanic Kiss Pack

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In this Gin Pack we find, in addition to the fruity and soft gin, botanists such as hand of Buddha, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, Botanic Kiss 70cl 37.5% vol .; Four tonic Indi, a case of botanicals and tea-tonic infusions, sweet Mircus, cherry flavored with licorice and strawberry with yogurt . All presented in a black magnetic gift case.

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Pack Botanic Gin Kiss

Package Contents

A Botanic Kiss 70cl gin 37.5% vol.

Four tonic Indi Premium 20cl: Made by hand. Starting from a cold maceration of water and alcohol from botanists such as oranges from Seville, lime and lemon rind, kewra flower, cardamom seeds, kalinji and cinchona bark. An old-fashioned, balanced and tasty tonic.

A special Passion-Red Strawberry-Raspberry Tea-Tonic box containing six infusions of red fruits and six single-dose sachets of lyophilized forest fruits. This T-Tonic case that you will find in our gin and tonic pack is mainly composed of lyophilized red fruits that will provide a light pink tone and sweet and acid notes. Ingredients: Dehydrated apple, hibiscus, elderberry, rose hip, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry.

2 Candy Mircus:

A Cherry & Liquorice: unusual and very creative combination, cherry Amarena with licorice. It will not leave you indifferent, one of the most risky creations of the Fusion range.

A Strawberry & Yogurt: combination of the sweetness and freshness of the strawberry with the softness of the yogurt, which will surprise you with its balanced and smooth taste

Mi & Cu Gourmet is a company created by the Miret Cudié brothers, a family with a long chocolate family tradition of more than 70 years of history. Mircus merges the experience with the passion for the Mediterranean and its gastronomy, for this reason, we can find as protagonist, in a large part of its creations, the Marcona Almond.

Mircus Fusion is the most creative Mircus line, a fusion of Mediterranean flavors and textures that reveal, thanks to the different layers, new flavors and combinations.

A spectacular gift case with fine black exterior finishes, silver interiors and magnetic closure, is the ideal presentation to make an elegant and certainly different detail.

Botanic Kiss

Distilled by Langley Distillery and conceived by William & Humbert, Botanic Kiss 70cl 37.5% vol. It is a soft and fruity gin. Distilled three times from English grain, it is a mixture of classic and modern botanicals, such as juniper, citrus peel and liquorice combined with Buddha's hand, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, the last ones providing color and flavors fruity.

The distillery

Botanic Ultra Premium gin is distilled at Langley Distillery, in Birmingham, UK. Langley Distillery was founded in 1920 by the Palmer family, on springs of water, the base alcohol passes to William & Humbert, who fuse it with more than ten botanists, giving it a soft, balanced and citrusy palate.

Elaboration and botanists

The base alcohol with which Botanic Gin Ultra Premium is made comes from English grain and is made by Langley Distillery. Of triple distillation, the botanicals that we find in the gin are: juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel, orange tree root, licorice root, cassia, almond shells, sweet orange and Buddha's hand, with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Being these last three those that provide the color and fruity character to the gin.



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Pack Gin Tonic

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