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Kit Gin Tonic "London"

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The two premium gins that lead this spectacular gift, from the UK, represent the most classic aspect of the distillate; Star of Bombay 70cl 47.5% vol. and London Nº1 70cl 47% vol. Accompanying the two London Dry Gin are meter, braided spoon, case with seven botanicals, six different barquets, a Tonic Bitters 20cl and fruit jewelry made with different citrus fruits. < / p>

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Content of the Kit

A Gin Star of Bombay 70cl 47.5%flight., a version Premium of the ginebra Bombay Sapphire, with more body and more intense aromáticamente. With a process of distillation more assossegat, the aromatic profile of the ginebre, angelic and coriander has been reinforced, besides, to the classical recipe of ten botanists, have added him bergamonta of Calàbria, peel of south orange of Italy and seeds Ambrette of Ecuador..

A Gin London No.1 Original Blue Gin 70cl 47%flight., a gin elaborated in London for cuadruple distillation and in which use botanic how the cinnamon, orange, the angelic, the gardenia and the bergamota. The characteristic blue dye of the gin proceeds of the gardenia with which distills .

Collection of botanists for Gin&Tonic Tea-Tonic, a case that contains seven species to complement different Gin&Tonics, all packed of independent shape to keep like this all his freshness after each use.

Six trays monodoses different with multiples combined of dehydrated and botanic fruit, how for example; Hand of buda and ginebre; green Apple and pepper of Jamaica; Orange dehydrated; Anís smashed, licorice and orange sanguina dehydrated and more combinations that will do that gaudis of six Gin&Tonic different.

A The Bitter Truth Tonic Bitters 200ml 43%flight.: Elaborated with a combination of Grapefruit, lemons Sicilianes, file, oranges of Seville, ginebre and leaves of tea, Tonic Bitters, with a pair of drops, will complement of ideal shape the Gin & Tonic or any cocktail that benefit of aromas and citric notes.

Jewels of fruit Frutier, a sweet of tender heart, elaborated from natural flesh of the fruit by means of a method of preparation totally artesanal, in the ingredients find; sugar and a 18% of flesh of fruit. The pack contains eight pieces of four different flavours.

A spoon trenada for Gin Tonic or Coctelería of thirty centimetres. A utensili indispensable of long handle used by dosar ingredients and mix. His shape trenada allow to serve the tonic without breaking the bubble or elaborate cocktails for layers.

A measurer of cocteleria or Jigger, elaborated in stainless steel, indispensable to prepare, in his perfect measure, gin tonics, whisky ginger ale and cocktails in general.

A spectacular case briefcase of gift, that beside all his content, constitutes an exceptional gift for the lovers of the coctelería. This briefcase of fine external finishes in black, inner in silver and double closing, is the ideal presentation to realise an elegant detail and definitely, different.


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