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Kit Gin Tonic Citadelle Reserve

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In this complete Gin Tonic Kit we find, in addition to the French gin, aged in barrels, Citadelle Reserva 70cl 44% vol .; Six tonic Thomas Henry, twelve edible five flavors, Tonic Bitters 20cl , Mircus sweets, dehydrated blood orange, licorice, juniper, two balloon globet glasses, measure, braided spoon and a case.

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Kit Gin Tonic Citadelle Reserve

Kit Contents

A Gin Citadelle Réserve 70 cl 44% vol., a French gin, of limited annual production, aged in cognac casks.

Six tonics Thomas Henry 20cl, a tonic of bitter character with a citrus point that is very refreshing.

Twelve edible canteens of different flavors; Apple, Lemon, Strawberry, Ginger and Cinnamon. The straw keeps its caramel consistency for more than thirty minutes in the glass. A different product, very aromatic, edible, that eliminates the plastic of your cocktail or Gin & Tonic and brings different aromas and flavors.

Two sweet Mircus; Milk Gianduia, for the sweet tooth, a "gianduja" of the best nuts with an exquisite milk chocolate and Smooth Praline: caramelized Marcona almond, covered with a soft white praline made from a unique recipe.

Mi & Cu Gourmet is a company created by the Miret Cudié brothers, a family with a long chocolate family tradition of more than 70 years of history. Mircus merges the experience with the passion for the Mediterranean and its gastronomy, for this reason, we can find as protagonist, in a large part of its creations, the Marcona Almond.

A The Bitter Truth Tonic Bitters 200ml 43% vol .: Made with a combination of Grapefruit, Sicilian lemons, lime, Seville oranges, juniper and tea leaves, Tonic Bitters, with a couple of drops, It will ideally complement the Gin & Tonic or any cocktail that benefits from aromas and citrus notes.

A box of spices Special Touch with licorice.

A box of spices Special Touch with Juniper.

A pot of 30 units of dehydrated blood orange, ideal for the preparation of all types of cocktails and cocktails. Served in multi-dose jars suitable for preservation in order to preserve all its essence, aroma and color.

Two special ball glasses for cocktails, an element of great importance for the elaboration of a good gin and tonic, ginger ale whiskey or cocktails, is to have the correct glass.

A braided spoon for Gin Tonic or Cocktail of thirty centimeters. An indispensable utensil of long handle used to dose ingredients and mix. Its braided shape allows serving the tonic without breaking the bubble or making layered cocktails.

A mixer or Jigger meter, made of stainless steel, indispensable to prepare, in its perfect measure, gin and tonics, ginger ale and cocktails in general.

A spectacular gift case, which together with all its contents, is an exceptional gift for cocktail lovers. This case of fine black exterior finishes, silver interiors and double clasp, is the ideal presentation to make an elegant detail and without a doubt, different.

Citadelle Reserva

The Citadelle gin is distilled with 19 botanists using a recipe dating back to the 18th century that was recovered in 1989 in France. Citadelle on the contrary that the great majority is distilled to slow fire and not to steam, with the risk that entails to distill alcohols with fire, but for its creators it is worth the risk run.

Very similar to the gin citedelle to which 6 months of aging are added in French oak barrels used for cognac.

"How do you prefer your steak?" , asks Alexandre Gabriel, owner of Maison Ferrand and master distiller of Citadelle Gin. "Made in the pan or in a pressure cooker? Both methods will give the same result, a cooked steak, but with a very different flavor ... Would not you prefer the steak braised in a pan, on a low heat? "


The recipe for the citadelle gin goes back to the 18th century, the original formula of the oldest gin in France, created in 1775 in Dunkirk and recovered by the Maison Ferrand distillery. Maison Ferrand is the result of the meeting in 1989 between Alexandre Gabriel and one of the oldest wine families in the Cognac region.

In the process of making the appointment of the 19 botanists to infuse for 72 hours, in this process is where he acquires all his fragrant notes. For 12 more hours, Citadelle is distilled in small copper stills to live flame.

Very similar to the gin citedelle to which 6 months of aging are added in French oak barrels used for cognac.


The Citadelle gin uses 19 botanicals: The juniper, as the main element of the distillate, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, angelica, pine, anise, violet, almonds, coriander, lemon peel, orange, licorice, cardamom, pepper, Savory, lemon peel, orange, licorice and lily root.

The use of cinnamon in the manufacture of Citadelle Gin confers a natural sweetness and enhances the taste of juniper berries.

Nutmeg gives Citadelle gin a spicy and slightly woody note that enhances the taste of juniper.


Awards and mentions of the Citadelle gin

Some of the gold medals of the Citadelle gin

CITADELLE GIN Spirit Journal Rating 2014 Strong recommendation (4 stars / 5) 2014 / USA

CITADELLE GIN RÉSERVE Ultimate Spirits Challenge Finalist, 94 points 2014 / USA

CITADELLE GIN RÉSERVE World Spirits Award Gold Medal - 91/100 2013 / Austria

CITADELLE GIN IWSC Gold Medal - 'Outstanding' 2012 / UK

CITADELLE GIN Beverage Testing Institute Medal gold - 91/100 2012 / USA
CITADELLE GIN GIN Masters Grand Master 2012 2012 / UK

CITADELLE GIN RÉSERVE GIN Masters Master - Gold medal - 1st position 2012 / UK

CITADELLE GIN San Francisco Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal 2012 / USA

CITADELLE GIN RÉSERVE Peñín Guide to Premium Spirits 97 Points 2011 / Spain

CITADELLE GIN Guide Peñín Of The Destilados Premium 94 Points 2011 / Spain

CITADELLE GIN RÉSERVE Ultimate Spirits Challenge Finalist, 92 points 2011 / USA

CITADELLE GIN San Francisco Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal 2011 / USA

CITADELLE GIN GIN Masters Master in the Super-Premium Category 2010 / UK

CITADELLE GIN RÉSERVE Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb Gold medal 2010 / Allemagne

CITADELLE GIN RÉSERVE San Francisco Spirits Competition Gold medal 2010 / USA

CITADELLE GIN Ultimate Spirits Challenge Strong recommendation, 91 points 2010 / USA


Increible la atencion, las dependientas y el pack original e inigualable. Muchisimas gracias!!!1
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