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Kit Gin Tonic Puerto de Indias

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In this Kit Gin Tonic find, in addition to the soft and afrutada ginebra, infusionada with strawberries of Huelva, Puerto de Indias Strawberry 70cl 39%flight.; Six tonic Indian & Co., twelve canyetes edible of strawberry and lemon, Tonic Bitters 20cl, sweet Mircus, strawberry dehydrated, cinnamon cassia, ginebre, two balloon globet glasses, measurer, spoon trenada and case.

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Kit Gin Tonic Puerto de Indias

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Puerto de Indias Strawberry 70cl 39%flight.

Six tonic Indian Premium 20cl: Elaborated of shape artesanal. Splitting of a maceration in cold of water and alcohol of the botanists as a oranges of Seville, escorça of file and lemon, flower of kewra, seeds of cardamom, kalinji and escorça of which. A tonic to the ancient, balanced and flavorful.

Twelve straws edible of different flavours; Lemon and Strawberry. The straws, keeps his consistency of candy during more than thirty minutes in the baloon globet glasses. A different product, very aromatic, edible, that deletes the plastic of your cocktail or Gin & Tonic and contributes different aromas and flavours.

Two sweet Mircus; Milk Gianduia, for the more greedy person, a “gianduja” of the best nut with a exquisida chocolate with milk and Smooth Praline: almond Marcona caramelized, coated of a soft praliné white elaborated from an only recipe.

The Mi&Cu Gourmet is a company created by the brothers Miret Cudié, a family with a long familiar tradition chocolatera of more than 70 years of history. Mircus Merges the experience with the passion for the Mediterranean and his gastronomia, for this reason, can find as a protagonist, largely of his creations, the Almond Marcona.

A The Bitter Truth Tonic Bitters 200ml 43%flight.: Elaborated with a combination of Grapefruit, lemons Sicilianes, file, oranges of Seville, ginebre and leaves of tea, Tonic Bitters, with a pair of drops, will complement of ideal shape the Gin & Tonic or any cocktail that benefit of aromas and citric notes.

A box of species Touch Special with cinnamon Cassia, similar to the cinnamon that all know, but with notes more especiadas and less sweet.

A box of species Touch Special with ginebre.

A pot with strawberry dehydrated of thirty units.

Two cups pilots special for cocteleria, an element of summa importance for the preparation of a good gin tonic, whisky ginger ale or cocktails, is to have of the correct cup.

A spoon trenada for Gin Tonic or Coctelería of thirty centimetres. A utensili indispensable of long handle used by dosar ingredients and mix. His shape trenada allow to serve the tonic without breaking the bubble or elaborate cocktails for layers.

A measurer of cocteleria or Jigger, elaborated in stainless steel, indispensable to prepare, in his perfect measure, gin tonics, whisky ginger ale and cocktails in general.

A spectacular case briefcase of gift, that beside all his content, constitutes an exceptional gift for the lovers of the coctelería. This briefcase of fine external finishes in black, inner in silver and double closing, is the ideal presentation to realise an elegant detail and definitely, different.

The ginebra Puerto de Indias

The gin Puerto de Indias is a gin fruity. This gin sevillana is infused with strawberries of the province of Huelva and is produced by the Alcores of Carmona, a destil·leria familiar. This gin Premium has a very characteristic flavour, with a toc of regalíz, strawberries and a citric point.

History of the ginebra

The gin Puerto de Puerto de Indias Strawberry is born in Andalucia, in the destil·leria The Alcores of Carmona situated in Seville and directed by the brothers Francisco and José Antonio Rodríguez. The origin of this distillate begins with the experimentation of the maceration of strawberries for the preparation of a liqueur of strawberries, part of the formula would finish applying in the process of distillation of Puerto de Indias Strawberry, the maceration of strawberries of high pertinent quality of Huelva and the use in the distillation of one of the alambins to bake more ancient of Andalucia, with more than a century of history.


This gin sevillana uses the same botanists that the ginebra Puerto de Indias classical, that keep secretly, in addition to the strawberries that give him the characteristic flavour and aroma, pertinent of Lepe.


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