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Kit Gin Tonic The Botanist

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In this kit we find, in addition to the Scottish gin, made by the famous Bruichladdich distillery, located on the island of Islay, The Botanist 1L 46% vol .; Six Fever Tree tonic, six infusions for Gin & Tonic, six single-dose trays, three with dehydrated orange and three with buddha and juniper hand, two cups, measuring cup, braided spoon and box.

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Kit Gin Tonic The Botanist

Kit Contents

One The Botanist 1l 46% vol.

Six Fever Tree 20cl tonics, a tonic made from hand-squeezed Tanzanian orange oils, cane sugar, spring water and natural quinine from the chinchona tree of Congo and Rwanda.

A transparent blister with instructions and six infusions packed individually; Red Passion, Green Fresh, Rose Jasmine, Yellow Citric, Orange Energy and White Essential. Tea-Tonic infusions are 100% natural presented in silk pyramids.

Six single-dose trays with dehydrated fruit and botanicals; Three with dehydrated orange and three with buddha and juniper hand.

Two special ball glasses for cocktails, an element of great importance for the elaboration of a good gin and tonic, ginger ale whiskey or cocktails, is to have the correct glass.

A braided spoon for Gin Tonic or Cocktail of thirty centimeters. An indispensable utensil of long handle used to dose ingredients and mix. Its braided shape allows serving the tonic without breaking the bubble or making layered cocktails.

A mixer or Jigger meter, made of stainless steel, indispensable to prepare, in its perfect measure, gin and tonics, ginger ale and cocktails in general.

A spectacular gift case, which together with all its contents, is an exceptional gift for cocktail lovers. This case of fine black exterior finishes, silver interiors and double clasp, is the ideal presentation to make an elegant detail and without a doubt, different.

The Botanist gin

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is made on the island of Islay, specifically in the famous Bruichladdich distillery where light and fruity whiskeys are produced to the world's smoked and smoked whiskey, Octomore The gin uses 31 botanists among which there are 22 that are collected on the island itself in a sustainable manner.

History of The Botanist gin

The gin The botanist uses the classic flavors of gin such as lily root, cassia and coriander seeds fortified with 22 local botanists hand picked by the expert harvesters on the island of Islay. These seasonal botanists are distilled in a Lomond still, christened by The Botanist's master distiller as "Ugly Betty" or "Ugly Betty". Ugly Betty works from optimum form at low pressure and without haste. So all botanists slowly and gently release their aromas, thanks to working at low pressure and slowly, taking the process up to three times longer than usual.

The Botanist gin botanists

This gin The Botanist uses 31 different botanicals, 22 of which are collected on the island of Islay in a sustainable way: mint, chamomile, thistle, birch, elderberry, gorse, hawthorn, heather, juniper, sanjuanera, lemon, thistle borriquero, artemisa, red clover, mint, oloroso chervil, barbante, lombriguera herb, aquatic mint, white clover, wild thyme and wise.



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Kit Gin Tonic

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