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Gin Tonic Aviation kit

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In this kit we find, in addition to the German-American American gin, Aviation 70cl 42% vol .; Six tonic Originals with three different flavors, six infusions for Gin & Tonic, six single-serve trays, three with mango, raspberry and dehydrated blueberries and three with hand of dehydrated and juniper buddha, two balloon globet glasses, measurer, braided spoon and case.

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Kit Gin Tonic Aviation

Content of the set

One Gin Aviation 70cl 42% vol.

Six Original 20cl tonics of three different flavors; Fruits of the forest, citrus and yuzu. Original is a tonic of Spanish origin, with spicy notes in balance with its bitterness, marked by extracts of quinine and sugar of 100% natural origin.

A transparent blister with instructions and six infusions packed individually; Red Passion, Green Fresh, Rose Jasmine, Yellow Citric, Orange Energy and White Essential. Tea-Tonic infusions are 100% natural presented in silk pyramids.

Six single-dose trays with dehydrated fruit and botanicals; Three with mango, raspberry and dehydrated blueberries and three with hand of dehydrated buddha and juniper.

Two special ball glasses for cocktails, an element of great importance for the elaboration of a good gin and tonic, ginger ale whiskey or cocktails, is to have the correct glass.

A braided spoon for Gin Tonic or Cocktail of thirty centimeters. An indispensable utensil of long handle used to dose ingredients and mix. Its braided shape allows serving the tonic without breaking the bubble or making layered cocktails.

A mixer or Jigger meter, made of stainless steel, indispensable to prepare, in its perfect measure, gin and tonics, ginger ale and cocktails in general.

A spectacular gift case, which together with all its contents, is an exceptional gift for cocktail lovers. This case of fine black exterior finishes, silver interiors and double clasp, is the ideal presentation to make an elegant detail and without a doubt, different.


Aviation 70cl 42% vol. It is an American gin made in small batches. German-style, with a powerful body, it is distilled from rye and botanicals, in what the distillery describes as a 'botanical democracy', such as juniper, cardamom, lavender, sarsaparilla, cilantro, anise seeds and orange peels. . The result is a gin with body, dry and aromatic.

History of the gin

Gin Aviation was born in 2005, from the merger of mixologist Ryan Magarian and the Distillery House Spirits Distillery in Portland, Oregon. Made from rye and botanicals exclusively from the United States, Aviation is one of the first premium gins of the new generation adapted to the American palate.

Aviation belongs to a completely new category of dry gins. This gin moves away from the usual overabundance of juniper towards a deeper equilibrium. Aviation explores the rich, floral and salty notes of lavender, cardamom and sarsaparilla to capture the exuberance, spices, creativity and freshness of the Pacific Northwest.

Elaboration and botanists

Distilled in small batches from rye, uses a series of botanists from the Pacific Northwest equally, cardamom, lavender, sarsaparilla, coriander, anise seeds and orange peel.

The result is a gin with a powerful, dry and aromatic body. The nose is presented with notes of earthy juniper, lavender and citrus. On the palate it leaves an oily and spicy sensation, with floral notes and juniper. A different gin, which does not remind us of the classic style of London Dry Gin in which the juniper stands out above the other botanists.


Awards and mentions of the gin Aviation


Try the distillate that Wine Enthusiast has named the best gin with 97 points. 5 points more than the other best-ranked gin, Hendrick's and Bombay Sapphire.


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