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Bruichladdich The Laddie Eight

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Bruichladdich 8 Years The Laddie Eight 70cl 50% vol. It is an Islay single malt aged in American and European oak barrels with a light and floral character. Faithful to its principles and against the tendency of not showing the ages of whiskeys, Bruichladdich, starting with The Laddie Eight, has launched a campaign of transparency and information on the terroir, ages and processes.

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Bruichladdich The Laddie Eight

Bruichladdich 8 Years The Laddie Eight 70cl 50% vol. It is an Islay single malt aged in American and European oak barrels with a light, fresh and floral character. The Laddie Eight is the answer to the protests initiated by Compass Box about the importance of transparency and declaration of the ages of whiskeys on labels, against the current trend of omitting this data. True to its principles, Bruichladdich, starting with The Laddie Eight, has launched a transparency and information campaign on the terroir and its whiskeys, offering data on; The type and origin of barley; Of the ages of the whiskeys used in the mixture and the different manufacturing processes.

A commendable initiative, which other producers do not reproduce for fear of using a single-digit number on their labels, all and that eight years is a totally respectable and almost standard age for bottling distillates.

The Bruichladdich Distillery

The Bruichladdich distillery was founded in 1881 by the Harvey brothers in Loch Indaal, located in the westernmost part of the island of Islay, on a small peninsula.

The Harvey brothers, came from a family of distillers, this was the third distillery that they would design, thanks to the accumulated knowledge of the family, the project they developed for Bruichladdich used the cutting-edge technology of the time, creating technologically , the best distillery on the Island. With optimized spaces, made with natural stone from the coast and using long neck stills, thus creating a pure and original distillate. Very different from what was done in the rest of the island in farms reinvented in distilleries.

The distillery suffered a great fire in 1934, two years later William Harvey dies, the distillery changes ownership several times until it ends in 1994.

On December 9, 2000, a group of investors led by Mark Reynier of Murray McDavid buys the distillery. Jim McEwan, a former director of Bowmore and a worker at Bowmore since the age of 15, has been chosen to direct the distillery. He is appointed production manager. Thus, once again, in July 2001 "The Laddie" again distills whiskey. On July 23, 2012 Remy Cointreau reached an agreement to buy the distillery.

The Bruichladdich distillery uses classic methods of elaboration, in the process no technology is involved, all the control is carried out by the master distiller and his team, much of the machinery and stills are the same that installed the Harvey. In addition, all barley is Scottish and much of it has been grown in Islay. The distillery gives great value to the origin of barley from a philosophical point. We can find the name of farms, farmers and even fields where barley has been grown in bottles.

The "Laddie" as the distillery is affectionately known, produces three very differentiated whiskeys, Bruichladdich, known as the most fruity and innovative whiskey of Islay, Port Charlotte, the smoky and peat line of the distillery, and Octomore, a famous ultra-disturbed whiskey in the world for being the most peaty and smoked whiskey on the market.

Tasting notes and interesting facts about Bruichladdich The Laddie Eight

Country: Scotland.

Region: Islay.

Style: Single Malt.

Aging: The whiskeys have matured a minimum of eight years in American and European oak barrels. The whiskey has not been filtered cold or red.

Nose: In the mouth it is fresh, with floral notes, citrus and honey. Daffodils, lemon zest, green apple, barley and hay.

Mouth: Complex with a fresh and sweet sensation. Apple, pear, orange, malted barley with notes of wood, vanilla and spices from the oak.

Finish: Light finish, with herbaceous notes, heather and honey.

La Llar del Vi Recommendation:

Bruichladdich 8 Years The Laddie Eight is a whiskey that captures the essence of the distillery, fresh, vibrant with notes that remind us of spring and with a complexity that other whiskeys of its age (although not declared) do not possess. < / p>

Regarding the Bruichladdich initiative to bottle eight years and declare age, instead of creating spectacular packaging and looking for a name with a hook, we have only to applaud, an initiative that we believe should be applied not only to whiskey but to any type of food or drink.



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