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Gin Brooklyn pack

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In this Gin Pack we find, in addition to the gin American distilled by hand, in small batches, from corn and fresh botanicals of local origin, Brooklyn 70cl 40% vol. ; Four tonic Fentimans, a case of botanical Tea-Tonic, with six different botanicals and fruit gems Frutier, a sweet heart-shaped, made from natural fruit pulp .

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Pack Gin Brooklyn

Package Contents

One Brooklyn Brooklyn 70cl 40% vol

Four tonic Fentimans 20cl: A tonic made from totally natural ingredients; Fermented organic grain, Cochin lemon grass, bark bark of the natural tree of chinchoa and brown sugar. As a curious fact, in the production process, a seven-day fermentation takes place that enhances its flavor and produces 0.5% vol / alc.

Collection of botanicals for Gin & Tonic Tea-Tonic, special six-spice box for Gin & Tonic, with independent packaging to keep it fresh, in all its uses.

Fruit Jewels Frutier, a tender heart sweet, made from natural fruit pulp by a totally handmade method, in the ingredients we find; sugar and 18% fruit pulp. The pack contains eight pieces of four different flavors.

A spectacular gift case with fine black exterior finishes, silver interiors and magnetic closure, is the ideal presentation to make an elegant and certainly different detail.

Gin Brooklyn

Brooklyn 70cl 40% vol. is a vibrant New York gin distilled by hand, in small batches, made from corn and botanicals such as hand-broken juniper and fresh local citrus fruits, instead of the more usual orange peel. With a spirit marked by citrus, the gin, fresh and complex, can be enjoyed even alone thanks to its outstanding quality.

Brooklyn Craft Works

Brooklyn was born in the heart of New York in 2010 by Emil and Joe Santos, two brothers with the desire to create a unique American gin, with the most artisanal processing possible and with the highest quality products from of the State.

Due to the difficulties to develop their project that supposed the economic situation Emil and Joe choose to elaborate the Brooklyn gin with its terms and conditions to the outskirts of the city, in the valley Hudson in Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery, a historic distillery in New York, being the first to obtain a license to distill in New York City upon the end of the famous Ley Seca in the year 1900.

Everything and that the Brooklyn gin is distilled in one of the most prestigious distilleries in the city, Emil and Joe Santos continue after their dream of establishing their own distillery in Brooklyn.

Elaboration and botanists we found in Brooklyn gin

The alcoholic base of the gin is distilled from corn collected from small producers in the area. Both citrus fruits, which are cut and peeled by hand to extract the essential oils that characterize gin, such as hand-broken junipers, are purchased in local markets in the city.

The whole process in the elaboration of the gin is done by hand, it takes more time and effort, but the makers of the gin Brooklyn think it's worth it and that you can notice it in the first sip. Using a Christian Carl copper still, the gin is distilled in small batches of 300 bottles with a production process that totals three to four days.


Awards and mentions of the gin Brooklyn

New York World Wine & Spirits 2015

Gold medal.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015

Gold medal.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016

Double gold medal.

Craft Competition 2015

Gold medal.

Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2015

91 points, "Excellent, highly recommended"



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