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Coravin is an accessory for wine whose function is to extract the wine without uncorking the bottle, preventing oxygen from entering and saving the wine from oxidation. Coravin was born with the objective of being able to enjoy a glass of wine without exposing the rest of the wine that lies in the bottle. To carry out this difficult task Coravin uses a series of key elements.

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Coravin analysis

Coravin gives us the possibility of enjoying a bottle of wine glass by glass over a long period of time without fear of losing the properties of the wine and allowing it to continue evolving inside the bottle as if the extraction had not taken place, but how does it do it? The system is simple, the coravin system, by means of the medical quality needle and coated with Teflon injects Argon gas - A heavy noble gas, the relative density of Argon in relation to the air is 1.38 - creating an overpressure inside the bottle that is balanced making the wine come out of it. The injected argon occupies the volume of the wine we have extracted.

History and development of Coravin

Greg Lambrecht, inventor of Coravin and a great wine lover, worked in several pharmaceutical companies creating operating room utensils before creating his own medical equipment company. Greg started developing needles to access implants in the tilting system, through different tissues with the need to avoid damage by using the elasticity of the tissues. Coinciding with his wife's pregnancy, one night Greg found himself on the one hand wanting to enjoy a glass of wine but did not want to spoil the bottle, since his wife, being pregnant could not drink and on the other hand had a surgical needle capable of piercing tissues without breaking them. It wasn't long before Greg developed the first prototype.

Coravin Key Elements

Precision needle

The different precision needles used by Coravin originate in a medical setting, are very thin and use a Teflon coating that allows them to pass through the capsule and the cork without damaging it, once we remove the needle, the cork, thanks to its plastic nature, will recover its original shape, resealing the bottle and preventing the entry of air. The result, the wine does not oxidize and continues to evolve in the bottle. The materials and design of the needle make it resistant and durable with capacity for hundreds of inflitrations, its handle has also been designed for easy and safe use, removal and replacement.

Coravin Argon capsules

Coravin capsules contain a noble gas, argon. An inert gas that intervenes in the natural process of wine creation that does not influence the colour, smell or taste of the wine. The capsule has a leak-proof cover that prevents any loss even after months of first use. Each capsule is valid to scan fifteen glasses of about 15 cl and has a cost of ten euros.

Design and use

Coravin is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, both for the wine extraction process and for capsule replacement. To use it we simply have to fix coravin to the bottle using the fixator, we press in the plunger so that the needle is opening passage by the capsule and the cork, we lie down the bottle, with the pourer on top of the glass where the wine is going to be served and we squeeze the trigger, at this moment we breathe Argon in the interior of the bottle, as soon as we release the trigger, the wine will begin to leave, once served all the wine we place the bottle in vertical position and we extract the needle and we loose the bottle of the fixator.


To be able to use the needle with precision this particular wine accessory has to be well fixed to the bottle, Coravin uses an adjustable amplitude clamp, valid for any type of bottle, to fix the utensil to the bottle, the fixator uses a high tension spring to granitize a good fixation during the pouring of the bottle.


Coravin Model Eight uses an angled nozzle that facilitates clean and uniform pouring of the entire wine, the ergonomic handle allows the bottle to be held in one hand and the wine accessory in the other.

Coravin Technical Specifications

The weight and dimensions are as follows: height 22.35 cm, width 7.37 cm, longiutd 9.65 and a weight with capsule of 454g.

Two-year limited warranty. More information .

The materials used by this device are: stainless steel, zinc, black ABS plastic, mixed polycarbonate, nylon reinforced with fiberglass, in the capsules we find recyclable steel, synthetic rubber, nylon reinforced with fiberglass. The needle is made of stainless steel coated with Teflon.

The speed of pouring will depend on the amount of Argon in the bottle and in the capsule, the average time is between 25 and 29 seconds for a glass of 15cl.

Coravin case content

The content of Coravin Model Eight:

 Standard Needle

 Two Coravin capsules pressurized with argon gas.

 Tool for unblocking the needle.

 Storage Base


Some awards and mentions of the Coravin system




The Coravin System was awarded the gold medal in 2014 at the Edison Awards for Innovation in Consumer Goods: category "Food and Beverage Preparation".


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