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Beer Pack - Customer Favorites

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We have selected twelve of the beers that are most successful among our customers, a pack with craft proposals of different styles, graduations and countries presented in two ideal cases for shipment. An ideal gift or gift for those looking to experiment and explore twelve different breweries.

IMPORTANT: Since beers are imported products, with high turnover, usually limited series and we are always trying to incorporate new features into our portfolio, it may be the case of that we are forced to replace one of the beers in the image with another from our selection, whenever we make one of these changes it will be for a craft beer of equal or greater value, same style and format.

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1ud. Die Berliner 33cl 4.5% vol ..: Intense golden color, with a very deep and consistent flavor, notably carbonated. Maltose and full-bodied, it is slightly fruity. The palate shows opposite flavors ranging from the sweetness of wheat malt at the beginning of the drink to a certain bitterness and acidity in the aftertaste. It is shown as a balanced and very refreshing beer.

1ud. Tripel Karmeliet 33cl 8.40% vol.:
is a Belgian Pale Ale of high fermentation, winner in the World Beer Awards of the World Best Ale, World Best Pale Ale and World Best Abbey Ale (Pale) categories. It is made with a recipe dating from 1679 that uses wheat, oats and barley. The result is a blonde beer, with tropical notes in the shape of pineapple, coriander, grain and honey.

1ud. Orval 33cl 6.2% vol.: is the only beer produced by Brasserie d'Orval, a Belgian Ale of amber with white foam that seems to come alive at times, on the nose presents notes of cilantro, citrus, yeast and bread . The palate is fresh and easy, with bitter and floral notes, cloves and yeast. A Belgian Ale with a lot of personality ..

1ud. La Chouffe 33cl 8% vol .: is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale, fermented in bottle and barrels that does not filter. The result is a pleasant drink, a blonde, fruity and spicy beer, in which citrus notes of lemon, coriander and pear with more subtle notes of yeast and malt stand out.

1ud. Pauwel Kwak 33cl 8.4% vol .: is a Belgian Strong Ale, named after the pioneer Pauwel Kwak, first made in 1791. Made by Brewery Bosteels, amber and beige foam, beer stands out for its sweet notes and milkshakes, caramel, brown sugar, yeast and bread.

1ud. Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock 33cl 12% vol .: A German wheat beer, with a production process that recreates the "wrong" conditions in which the beer was traveling in 1940. Sent throughout Germany without temperature control , the beer was concentrated due to the partial freezing of this during the trip. The result, a high-strength beer, powerful and complex.

1ud. ST. Bernardus Wit 33cl. 5.5% vol.: is a traditional Belgian beer made in collaboration with Brewmaster Pierre Celis. This ALE is pale yellow. In apple aroma, notes of coriander, citrus and honey herbal. Very refreshing in the mouth.

1ud. De Molen / Poch's Cliffhanger 33cl 8% vol .: It is a Bock-style beer, the result of a collaboration between the prestigious Dutch brewery De Molen and the brewery located in the La Garrocha Poch's district. An intense beer, with malted and smoky notes, with hints of cacao and smoked meats that taste bitter and sweet on the palate.

1ud. My Antonia 33cl 7.5% vol .: My Antonia 33cl 7.5% vol. It is an Italian Imperial Pils with a light body that is easy to drink. Of golden tones and white foam, My Antonia presents floral, sweet notes and pastries on a floral palate, which hides alcohol well with a dry finish.



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