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  • LudicWine is a board game that uses wine as the protagonist, thought to enjoy in the company of friends and family, no matter if you know a lot or a little, you'll learn with laughter. In this edition Tutti Frutti we find two wines, twenty questions, specific to the wines, answers, board and instructions, all designed, to work together, by Iván Martinez,... LudicWine is a board game that uses...

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  • Accompanying the Red Vermouth Olave 75cl 16%vol. we find two Fever Tree Ginger Ale 20cl, two single-dose trays with dehydrated orange and two special touch spices with star anise and cassia, to make a refreshing aperitif, sweet and aromatic.All presented in a black magnetised gift box. Accompanying the Red Vermouth Olave...


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    Brooklyn gin es una ginebra elaborada artesanalmente por Brooklyn Craft Work en Warwick, Nueva York. En el proceso de elaboración de la ginebra Brooklyn, todo se hace a mano en pequeños lotes con botánicos locales. Presentada en una botella de porte contemporáneo de 75cl y un 40% vol Brooklyn gin es una ginebra fresca, compleja y sabrosa. Una gin de gran... Brooklyn gin es una ginebra elaborada...

  • Trappist, Belgian, Abbey, American, German, Danish, Spanish, Italian beers ... In this selection of twelve craft beers (12 x 33cl) you will find the twelve beers most demanded by our customers, a safe bet to be regaled or give and explore different styles and breweries from different countries. Trappist, Belgian, Abbey, American,...

  • In a black leather case we find the wine La Montesa Reserva Selección Especial 2010 75cl 15% vol is a red wine, produced by the Palacios-Remondo winery in Alfaro, in the DOCa Rioja, family of Álvaro Palacios. Use Tempranillo and Garnacha with a touch of Mazuelo and Graciano, aged 16 months in oak barrels. Presented in a gift box, sober and elegant, black. In a black leather case we find the...


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    Classic Malts The Strong Collection 3x20cl is a set of three whiskeys; Cragganmore 12 Years 20cl 40% vol., A whiskey from the Speyside region with great influence from the sherry barrels where it has aged; Talisker 10 Years 20cl 45.8% vol. a whiskey from the island of Skye with a marked maritime character, with peat and pepper; Lagavulin 16 Years 20cl 43%... Classic Malts The Strong Collection...

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  • This Gin Tonic Opihr Set is presented in a briefcase case and is composed of the elements to make the 'Perfect Serve' with this gin inspired by the route of spices; an Opihr 70cl gin 42.5% vol .; Twelve edible straws; Six single-dose trays with dehydrated blood orange, licorice and star anise; Six tonic Ledger's and a box with star anise. This Gin Tonic Opihr Set is presented...

  • Exceptional gourmet gift made up of the wine from Ribera del Duero Montebaco Crianza 75cl 14%vol, 250gr wedge from the renowned and award-winning Manchego cheese from Quesería 1605 cured for a minimum of seven months, three 100gr sachets with acorn-fed Iberian sausages made in Guijuelo and toasts from The Fine Cheese Company 125gr made with honey and... Exceptional gourmet gift made up of...

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  • Presented in a wooden box with satin black lid, we find the Botran 12 Years 70cl 40% vol rum, a Guatemalan rum aged by the soleras system with notes vanilla sweets, tofe, orange and walnuts , two tumbler glasses, natural Frutier and Cudié sweets and crunchy cereals wrapped in dark chocolate. Presented in a wooden box with satin...

  • Beefeater Burrough's Reserve 70cl 43% vol. It is the most exclusive version of Beefeater gin, it uses the same botanicals as Beefeater but is distilled in the original still Number 12 of James Burrough, the founder, in small batches. In addition, Beefeater Burrough's Reserve gin is aged in 268 liters of Bordeaux red and white wine barrels. Beefeater Burrough's Reserve 70cl 43%...

  • In this vodka tonic pack we find, in addition to the French Vitaka Citadelle 6C 70cl 40% vol., a pure and crystalline vodka made with fermented wheat, distilled and filtered six times; Four tonics 1724, twelve edible six-flavored canteens, six single-serve trays with dehydrated orange and Frutier fruit gems, a sweet-hearted sweet, made from natural fruit... In this vodka tonic pack we find, in...


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    In this Gin Pack we find, in addition to the distilled gin from Albariño wine alcohol and infused with 100% Galician botanists, Nordes 70cl 40% vol .; Four tonic Fentimans, a case of botanical Tea-Tonic, with six different botanicals and fruit jewelry Frutier, a sweet heart, made from natural fruit pulp . In this Gin Pack we find, in addition...

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