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All our Whisky

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Si quieres comprar un whisky, estás en el lugar indicado, te presentamos una fantástica selección de whisky de malta de Escocia, Japón, Irlanda, India, Nueva Zelanda, diferentes estilos de whiskey americano destacando el bourbon, Rye y Moonshine. Una selección pensada para satisfacer a los amantes del whisky con representación de todas las regiones y destilerías de Escocia, sin olvidar los principales embotelladores independientes.

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  • Black Bottle 70cl 40%vol. is a Scottish blended re-launched in 2013, a more balanced whisky than its predecessor, with spicy, fruity and smoky notes characteristic of Islay. To return to the roots of this 1879 whisky blend, the black bottle, which gives the whisky its name, has been recovered and the marked influence of Islay has been reduced by more... Black Bottle 70cl 40%vol. is a...

  • Glenfiddich 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a single malt scotch whisky from the region of Speyside made in the distillery founded by William Grant in 1876. 30% of the world's malt consumed is Glenfiddich and is that its light body and easy step make it a safe bet. Glenfiddich 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is...

  • The Ardmore Legacy 70cl 40% vol. is a single malt Scotch whisky from the Highland region. Launched in 2014 to replace the out of production The Ardmore Traditional, this single malt is made with 80% peat roasted malt and 20% peat-free. The result is a full-bodied, dry, slightly turbid and smoky whisky. The Ardmore Legacy 70cl 40% vol. is a...

  • Presented in a traditional style bottle, Bulleit Rye 70cl 45% vol. is a rye whiskey (or rye whiskey), a style of whisky prior to the famous Bourbon. Made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley, Bulleit Rye comes from one of the most outstanding distilleries in the production of rye whiskey, Bulleit, located in Louisville, Kentucky.   Warm entry, with spices... Presented in a traditional style...

  • Isle of Jura Origin 10 Years 70cl 40%vol. is a malt whisky made on the island of Jura. A whisky of light and delicate character aged ten years in American white oak barrels that have previously contained bourbon. Origin is light, with notes of cereals, hay and fruits accompanied by peat, sea breeze, almonds and a spicy oak. Isle of Jura Origin 10 Years 70cl...

  • Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack 70cl 40%vol. is a Tennessee whisky made by the famous Jack Daniel's distillery. Gentleman Jack, unlike Jack Daniel's Old NO. 7 is filtered before and after passing through the barrel, which gives it a smoother layer, making it a more refined and lighter whisky. Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack 70cl...

  • It is no coincidence that this Aberlour 10 Years 70cl 40% vol. has been exported to more than fifty countries. With an excellent value for money and a Speyside contemporary profile, it is an honest and accessible malt whisky that ages in a combination of Spanish and American oak. A malt that presents itself with a surprising amount of wood, for his age,... It is no coincidence that this...


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    Ole Smoky Harley Davidson Whisky 50 cl 51.1% vol. is made by Ole Smoky distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA from corn. Ole Smoky Harley Davidson is a smoked Bourbon that commemorates with its 103 proof (equivalent to 51.1% vol.) one of the most famous Harley Davidson engines, the Twin-Cam 103. Ole Smoky Harley Davidson Whisky 50...

  • The term 'Sheep Dip' refers to an old 'trick' used by farmers to avoid paying taxes on aging whiskey, marking it as if it were the insecticide used in ovjeas prior to shearing. Sheep Dip Islay 70cl 40% vol. It is made under the supervision of the famous blender master Richard Paterson using malts of eight to twelve years from the island of Islay. The term 'Sheep Dip' refers to an old...

  • Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon 70cl 43.2%vol. is made from a mixture of 72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malt, a proportion that gives the whiskey complexity and that together with six years, minimum, aging in new American oak barrels, make Woodford Reserve a great bourbon to take 'On the Rocks' or alone. Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight...

  • Bowmore Small Batch 70cl 40%vol. es un whisky escocés single malt de la región de Islay. Madurado en barricas de roble americano de bourbon de primer y segundo uso. El resultado es un whisky dulce, especiado y ahumado. La representación más ligera del carácter Bowmore y un gran punto de partida para descubrir los whiskies de Islay. Bowmore Small Batch 70cl 40%vol. es...

  • AnCnoc 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a malt whisky made in Knockdhu, distillery founded in 1894 and located on the edge of the Speyside region, in a small village called Knock. Described by Jim Murray as a whiskey that should be in any house where malt is enjoyed, it is one of the most recognizable exponents of the speyside style that bypasses the sherry cask... AnCnoc 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a...

Showing 1 - 12 of 210 items

All our Whisky

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