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Independent Bottlers
Independent Bottlers
Botellas de whisky embotellado por el embotellador independiente Gordon & MacPhail.

Independent Bottlers

Independent bottlers are very common in the world of Scotch whiskey, they purchase barrels from distilleries and then bottle, usually without filtering in cold, without coloring, usually at "Cask Strength" and providing its own style, presentation and labeling. This practice is very common, it is a way for distilleries to generate extra profits, there are still distilleries that do not bottle their products and sell their whiskey exclusively to independent bottlers. This practice generates the benefit for whiskey lovers, of being able to find whiskeys from their favorite distillery with expressions and ages different from what is usual, which the distillery does not normally present to the public, at competitive prices.

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  • Created in Islay in 1920 to celebrate Lord Margadale's 21st anniversary, for fear that the whiskey from the local distillery, Laphroaig, was too powerful for some guests. Islay Mist Original Blend 70cl 40% vol. It is a Scottish blended that mixes malt whiskeys with notes of peat and smoked Laphroaig, malts with sweet notes of Speyside and grain whiskeys.... Created in Islay in 1920 to celebrate...

  • The term 'Sheep Dip' refers to an old 'trick' used by farmers to avoid paying taxes on aging whiskey, marking it as if it were the insecticide used in ovjeas prior to shearing. Sheep Dip Islay 70cl 40% vol. It is made under the supervision of the famous blender master Richard Paterson using malts of eight to twelve years from the island of Islay. The term 'Sheep Dip' refers to an old...

  • The Ardmore 2008 "Very Cloudy" Signatory Vintage 70cl 40% vol. It is a Highland single malt that belongs to the series "The Un-Chillfiltered Collection" in which Signatory Vintage bottles the unfiltered whiskeys in cold. Distilled in 2008, aged in ex-bourbon barrels and bottled in 2016 in a series of 1075 bottles. A complex and scented whiskey, with peat... The Ardmore 2008 "Very Cloudy"...

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  • The Six Isles 70cl 43% vol. it is a Scotch whiskey blended malt or vatted malt that Ian Macleod produces by combining six single malt, from six different distilleries, located on six different islands in Scotland; Arran, Islay, Jura, Mull, Orkney and Skye. A whiskey that captures, without cold filtration or artificial coloring, from the peat and... The Six Isles 70cl 43% vol. it is a...

  • The Feathery 70cl 40% vol. Spencerfield is the result of the assembly of the respected master blender Richard Paterson of malt whiskeys aged only in sherry casks of different distilleries. A Blended Malt of marked character and warmth, with multiple memories of sherry and notes of raisins, nuts, vanilla souvenirs and a spicy touch of ginger. The Feathery 70cl 40% vol....

  • Glenburgie 10 Years 70cl 40%vol. is a single malt from the region of Speyside made by an almost anonymous distillery, almost all of the whiskey he makes is intended for the mixture of ballantine's so it is difficult to find whiskies from this distillery. Bottled by Gordon & MacPhail is medium bodied with notes of cereals, baked apples and nuts. Glenburgie 10 Years 70cl 40%vol. is a...

  • Bottled by Gordon & MacPhail, Highland Park 8 Years 70cl 43% vol. is an Island single malt from the island of Orkney, in the Highlands. Part of the MacPhail's collection series, it is a less and less common whisky style, a young, creamy and slightly smoky whisky. With notes of citrus skin, wax and honey. Bottled by Gordon & MacPhail,...

  • Smokehead is a Single Malt whiskey from Scotland , from the Islay region and is presented in a case, with 1L format of alc. 40% vol. Smokehead is a cannonball of smoked, peat, spices and a delicate sweet touch, with a very distinctive and modern design. A vigorous, accessible and stylish whiskey not suitable for the faint of heart. Smokehead is a Single Malt whiskey...

  • Tomatin 2005 Exclusive Gordon & MacPhail 2005 70cl 42% vol. It is a whiskey made by the independent bottler Gordon & Macphail, founded in 1895 in Elgin, Speyside Gordon & Macphail has used whiskey from the famous Tomatin distillery. With a limited production of 370 bottles, distilled in 2005 and bottled in 2011, whiskey has been aged in bourbon barrels. Tomatin 2005 Exclusive Gordon &...

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  • Speymalt 2007 Gordon & MacPhail 70cl 43% vol. It belongs to the Speymalt series of the independent bottler Gordon & Macphail, it is a malt whiskey from the Speyside region, distilled in the distillery The Macallan in 2007, aged in first and second filling sherry barrels and bottled in 2016. A whiskey of Creamy body and notes of barley, raisins, honey and... Speymalt 2007 Gordon & MacPhail 70cl...

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  • Glenturret 10 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a single malt from the Highlands region, distilled in 1997, bottled in 2007 by Gordon and MacPhail and produced in the Turret River Valley, is slightly sweet, with honey, apple juice and a slight bitterness that stand out from the other notes. Much of the distillery's production ends up in the famous Scottish blended... Glenturret 10 Years 70cl 40% vol. is...

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  • Old Pulteney 1994 70cl 43% vol. It is a Scottish malt single from the Highlands region distilled on 09/1994 and bottled as single barrel by Gordon & MacPhail on 07/2005. A limited and numbered series of 442 bottles of whiskey aged in 500-liter sherry barrels. A whiskey with a warm and spicy aroma, with notes in the mouth of sherry, chocolate with orange,... Old Pulteney 1994 70cl 43% vol. It is...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items

Independent Bottlers

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