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Whiskys de la región escocesa de Campbeltown

Campbeltown Whiskey

Campbeltown is a peninsula in southern Scotland, once known as the whiskey capital, with more than 30 distilleries, now there are only three remaining distilleries and one, Springbank, which stands out above the rest with the production of three different types of malt whiskey, Springbank, with a medium peat level and two and a half times distilled; With powerful peat and double distillation Longrow and Hazelburn, a whiskey without peat and triple distillation.

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  • Hazelburn 10 Years 70cl 46% vol. It is a malt whiskey made in the Springbank distillery, in the Scottish region of Campbeltown. An elegant whiskey and rich in nuances distilled three times, common practice in Ireland and the Scottish Lowlands, which ages ten years in American white oak barrels of ex-Bourbon. An exuberant spirit, with notes of baked pears... Hazelburn 10 Years 70cl 46% vol. It...

  • Springbank 10 years 70cl 46% vol. is a Malt Scottish single from the Campbeltown region. Matured in ex-bourbon American oak and European oak sherry barrels, Springbank presents a formidable balance between peat, salt, sweet and smoky notes. An excellent whisky to explore Campbeltown, once the epicentre of Scotch whisky making. Springbank 10 years 70cl 46% vol. is...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items


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