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Scotch Whisky
Scotch Whisky
Botella de whisky Japonés Hibiki

Scotch Malt Whiskey

Discover our selection of malt whiskey from all corners of Scotland, from the majestic Highlands to the most remote islands.

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  • Speyside
    Whiskys de la región escocesa de Speyside

    Buy Speyside Whiskey

    The Speyside region is situated in the valley that runs along the River Spey, the second longest river in Scotland. With almost 60% of distilleries across Scotland located in this region, it is the focus of single malt production in Scotland today. Generally speaking, whiskeys from this region tend to fall into two broad categories; Sweet and full-bodied whiskeys, with great influence from sherry casks or, in a more subtle and aromatic profile, with herbaceous and vanilla notes.

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  • Highland
    Whisky de las tierras altas de Escocia.

    Highland Whiskey

    The Highlands or 'Scottish Highlands' is the largest region of Scotland geographically speaking, with a landscape of rugged mountains covered with Heather, we find, in addition to the Speyside region, two more sub-areas, "The west Coast", the west coast of Scotland, where the distilleries receive maritime influences in their whiskeys and "Central Highlands", an area more sheltered from the maritime influence in which we usually find heather and honey as prominent notes.

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  • Islay
    Whiskys de la isla escocesa de Islay.

    Islay Whiskey

    Islay whiskeys are famous in the world for their powerful character that leaves no one indifferent, in their whiskeys, they tend to stand out from the rest, notes of peat , charcoal bonfires, salt flats, seaweed and iodized. The island of Islay is located in the southwest of Scotland, and unlike the islands, where we normally find one distillery per island, Islay is home to eight distilleries that can be separated into two large groups.

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  • Campbeltown
    Whiskys de la región escocesa de Campbeltown

    Campbeltown Whiskey

    Campbeltown is a peninsula in southern Scotland, once known as the whiskey capital, with more than 30 distilleries, now there are only three remaining distilleries and one, Springbank, which stands out above the rest with the production of three different types of malt whiskey, Springbank, with a medium peat level and two and a half times distilled; With powerful peat and double distillation Longrow and Hazelburn, a whiskey without peat and triple distillation.

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  • Island
    Whiskys de la región escocesa de Island, Talisker, Arran, Jura, Mull, Orkney y Lewis

    Island Whiskey

    The Islands region, officially part of the Highlands, comprises all the distilleries that are on an island excluding the island of Islay . Very few of the 800 islands scattered along the coast of Scotland are inhabited and far fewer have a distillery. Currently only six of those 800 islands have a distillery, Arran, Mull, Jura, Skye, Lewis and Orkney. The whiskeys made in these islands include very varied styles, from light and citrus to powerful with notes of peat and pepper, but generalizing, we will find a marked maritime influence accompanied by smoked and peat.

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  • Lowland
    Whiskys de la región escocesa de las Lowlands

    Lowlands Whiskey

    The Lowlands or Lowlands is the southernmost region of Scotland, the terrain of this region is mainly composed of extensive and rolling fields, perfect for growing grain to make whiskey. The landscape is the gentlest of all the Scottish regions and it seems that this carries over to their whiskeys, with lighter, fresher and softer colors and bodies, with floral and cereal notes. There are around five operating distilleries in this region, including Auchentoshan and Glenkinchie.

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  • Bunnahabhain 18 Years 70cl 46,3% vol. is a Scottish single malt whiskey from the Islay region, located on the north coast of the island, Bunnahabhain is characterized by making the least disturbed whiskeys in the region and bottling without filtering cold. With sweet aromas of honey and caramel accompanied by spicy notes. Bunnahabhain 18 Years 70cl 46,3% vol....

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  • Black Bottle 70cl 40%vol. is a Scottish blended re-launched in 2013, a more balanced whisky than its predecessor, with spicy, fruity and smoky notes characteristic of Islay. To return to the roots of this 1879 whisky blend, the black bottle, which gives the whisky its name, has been recovered and the marked influence of Islay has been reduced by more... Black Bottle 70cl 40%vol. is a...

  • Created in Islay in 1920 to celebrate Lord Margadale's 21st anniversary, for fear that the whiskey from the local distillery, Laphroaig, was too powerful for some guests. Islay Mist Original Blend 70cl 40% vol. It is a Scottish blended that mixes malt whiskeys with notes of peat and smoked Laphroaig, malts with sweet notes of Speyside and grain whiskeys.... Created in Islay in 1920 to celebrate...

  • The Ardmore Legacy 70cl 40% vol. is a single malt Scotch whisky from the Highland region. Launched in 2014 to replace the out of production The Ardmore Traditional, this single malt is made with 80% peat roasted malt and 20% peat-free. The result is a full-bodied, dry, slightly turbid and smoky whisky. The Ardmore Legacy 70cl 40% vol. is a...

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  • Glenfiddich 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a single malt scotch whisky from the region of Speyside made in the distillery founded by William Grant in 1876. 30% of the world's malt consumed is Glenfiddich and is that its light body and easy step make it a safe bet. Glenfiddich 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is...

  • Isle of Jura Origin 10 Years 70cl 40%vol. is a malt whisky made on the island of Jura. A whisky of light and delicate character aged ten years in American white oak barrels that have previously contained bourbon. Origin is light, with notes of cereals, hay and fruits accompanied by peat, sea breeze, almonds and a spicy oak. Isle of Jura Origin 10 Years 70cl...

  • It is no coincidence that this Aberlour 10 Years 70cl 40% vol. has been exported to more than fifty countries. With an excellent value for money and a Speyside contemporary profile, it is an honest and accessible malt whisky that ages in a combination of Spanish and American oak. A malt that presents itself with a surprising amount of wood, for his age,... It is no coincidence that this...

  • The term 'Sheep Dip' refers to an old 'trick' used by farmers to avoid paying taxes on aging whiskey, marking it as if it were the insecticide used in ovjeas prior to shearing. Sheep Dip Islay 70cl 40% vol. It is made under the supervision of the famous blender master Richard Paterson using malts of eight to twelve years from the island of Islay. The term 'Sheep Dip' refers to an old...

  • Bowmore Small Batch 70cl 40% vol. It is a single malt Scotch whiskey from the Islay region. Matured in bourbon American oak barrels of first and second use. The result is a sweet, spicy and smoked whiskey. The lightest representation of the Bowmore character and a great starting point to discover Islay whiskeys. Bowmore Small Batch 70cl 40% vol. It...

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  • AnCnoc 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a malt whisky made in Knockdhu, distillery founded in 1894 and located on the edge of the Speyside region, in a small village called Knock. Described by Jim Murray as a whiskey that should be in any house where malt is enjoyed, it is one of the most recognizable exponents of the speyside style that bypasses the sherry cask... AnCnoc 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a...

  • Glengoyne 10 Years 70cl 40% vol. It is a light, soft and herbaceous malt whiskey, made in the south of the Highlands region, on the border with the Lowlands. This edition of Glengoyne 10, with the painting 'Autumn Moon Over Glengoyne' printed on the case, is a collaboration with contemporary artist Jolomo to contribute to the reconstruction of the... Glengoyne 10 Years 70cl 40% vol. It...

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  • Tomatin 12 years 70cl 40% vol. It is a single malt Scotch whiskey from the Highland region. Made with whiskeys matured twelve years in bourbon barrels and finishes (from 6 to 9 months) in sherry barrels. Tomatin's youngest whiskey is medium-bodied, with light smoky notes, roasted cereals and herbs. Tomatin 12 years 70cl 40% vol. It is...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 186 items