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American Whisky
American Whisky
Botella de whisky bourbon, Elijah Craig, Buffalo Trace y Bulleit

American Whiskey

In this category you will find a selection of American whiskey or 'whiskey'; Bourbon, Rye, Wheat, Corn, Single Barrel, Straight Bourbon ... A complex world of whiskey that you can explore thanks to a wide repertoire of different styles that we have selected for you.

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  • Presented in a traditional style bottle, Bulleit Rye 70cl 45% vol. is a rye whiskey (or rye whiskey), a style of whisky prior to the famous Bourbon. Made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley, Bulleit Rye comes from one of the most outstanding distilleries in the production of rye whiskey, Bulleit, located in Louisville, Kentucky.   Warm entry, with spices... Presented in a traditional style...

  • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Straight Rye 70cl 45% vol. it is a rye whiskey distilled from a mixture of 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted barley and that, like the other expressions of the distillery, is submitted to the Lincoln County Process, so it is also filtered by saccharin maple coal. A Rye that presents in the nose notes of roasted grain and fried spicy... Jack Daniel's Tennessee Straight Rye...

  • Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack 70cl 40%vol. is a Tennessee whisky made by the famous Jack Daniel's distillery. Gentleman Jack, unlike Jack Daniel's Old NO. 7 is filtered before and after passing through the barrel, which gives it a smoother layer, making it a more refined and lighter whisky. Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack 70cl...


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    The Whiskey Ole Smokey Charred Harley Davidson Road House Customs 50cl 51.1% more pouring cap is made in the eastern part of Tennessee, in a mountainous area famous for its moonshines for more than two hundred years, all and relatively little that its distillation and sale is legal. Located in Gatlinburg, Ole Smokey is a local, family-owned business that... The Whiskey Ole Smokey Charred Harley...

  • Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon 70cl 43.2%vol. is made from a mixture of 72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malt, a proportion that gives the whiskey complexity and that together with six years, minimum, aging in new American oak barrels, make Woodford Reserve a great bourbon to take 'On the Rocks' or alone. Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight...

  • Rebel Yell Small Batch Rye 70cl 45%vol. is a Small Batch Straight Rye Whiskey, an American rye whisky distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Made in small batches from rye and a small proportion of corn and malt, the whisky is potent, full-bodied, with rich spices accompanied by chocolate and vanilla and a prominent character ideal for use in cocktails. Rebel Yell Small Batch Rye 70cl...

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  • Rebel Yell Small Batch Reserve Bourbon 70cl 45.3%vol. is a classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, immortalized by Billy Idol in the eighties and famous for both its quality and its association with rock stars, it is made in small batches from wheat, corn and malt. It is complex and softer than bourbons with rye mash, with notes of caramel, oak and... Rebel Yell Small Batch Reserve...

  • Chicken Cock Heritage Reserve 70cl 45% vol. is a blend of Kentucky and Indiana bourbons, matured between 4 months and two years. Chicken Cock is a brand of recently resurrected whiskey, famous for smuggling whiskey during the ban era. The blend consists of 75% corn, 21 rye and 4% malted barley. Winner of two silver in 2016 Spirits Awards and SFWSC. Chicken Cock Heritage Reserve 70cl...

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    Blanton's Special Reserve 70cl 40% vol. It is a Bourbon Single Barrel made in Frankfort, Kentucky, made from corn, rye and malt. Special Reserve is the first whiskey in the Blanton's portfolio, the perfect introduction to the artisanal character of the house, bottled from a single barrel, with bottles filled, labeled, sealed and numbered by hand. Blanton's Special Reserve 70cl 40%...

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  • Koval Rye Whiskey 50cl 40% vol. It is a 100% organic rye single barrel made in Chicago, the rye comes from a group of farmers in the midwestern US, the distillate ages in new American oak barrels from Minnesota. The result is a soft rye whiskey, with a very sophisticated palate, one of the best Rye to drink alone. Koval Rye Whiskey 50cl 40% vol. It is...

  • Koval Four Grain 50cl 47% vol. It is an American single barrel made in small batches and combining four types of grain; Oatmeal, malted barley, rye and wheat of organic origin certified from local farms and aged two years, in new, very roasted Minnesota oak barrels. It has notes on a banana nose, a very creamy mouth and a spicy finish. Koval Four Grain 50cl 47% vol. It is...

  • Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey 1L 45.2% vol. It is a rye whiskey made using the traditional Kentucky method, with a mixture dominated, as it could not be otherwise, by rye. The distillate is presented with character, with powerful spices in front that give way to aromatic tobacco leaf, marzipan, pear, cedar and sweet honey memories and... Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight...

Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

American Whisky

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