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Japanese Whisky
Japanese Whisky
Botella de whisky Japonés Hibiki

Japanese Whiskey

Japanese whiskey has gained great recognition in recent decades, the two great distilleries, Yamazaki and Yoichi, owned by Suntory and Nikka respectively, they have collected a large number of awards and mentions, placing several of their whiskeys in the top ten for several consecutive years, above many Scottish distilleries. This projection has caused a great expansion in the European and American markets, in which they are increasingly popular.

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  • Distilled by Kaikyo Distillery, a distillery named after a bridge near the still house, it is located near Akashi in the perfect Hyōgo and has been active since 1917 under the command of the Yonesawa family. Hatozaki Blended 70cl 40% vol. It takes its name from the oldest lighthouse in Japan and is a mixture of malt and grain whiskeys that age in Jerez,... Distilled by Kaikyo Distillery, a...

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  • Fujimi The 7 Virtues of the Samurai 70cl 40%vol. is a Japanese blended whisky made by producer Matsui Shuzo Distillery in the perfect Tottori. A distillate aged in American white oak barrels with a high degree of carbonization that is fruity on the nose, where notes of banana and spices stand out. On the palate it is agile, medium-bodied, with sweet notes... Fujimi The 7 Virtues of the Samurai...

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  • One of the last entries in the portfolio of the legendary Japanese whiskey maker Nikka. Made with malt and grain whiskeys from the Miyagikyo and Yoichi distilleries, Nikka Days 70cl 40% vol. It is a lively, fresh and delicate whiskey, with distant smoky memories, fruit and malt. Ideal alone, with ice or in a refreshing highball. One of the last entries in the...


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    White Oak Tokinoka Blended 50cl 40% vol. It is a Japanese blended made by the White Oak Distillery, located in the city of Akashi, in the perfection of Hyogo. Tokinoka, "fragrance of time" in Japanese, is a mixture of grain whiskey (25%) and malt (75%) very balanced and soft palate, notes of malted cereals, peach, almond milk and vanilla. White Oak Tokinoka Blended 50cl 40%...

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  • Yamazakura Blended 70cl 40% vol. It is a Japanese blended made by Sasanokawa Shuzo, a sake and schochu winery dating from 1765, which mixes malt whiskey and grain from four distilleries. Yamazakura or 'Mountain Cherry' is made near Hiroshima and is not usually exported outside the Japanese domestic market. It appears young, fresh and fruity with vanilla... Yamazakura Blended 70cl 40% vol. It...

  • The Chita 70cl 40% vol. It is a single grain made in the famous grain distillery of the Suntory group, Chita. Normally we find this whiskey mixed with malt in whiskeys like Toki, Hibikis and Royal. In this expression we find it bottled without mixing, aged in wine, sherry and bourbon barrels resulting in an exceptionally light whiskey, with notes of mint,... The Chita 70cl 40% vol. It is a...

  • Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 70cl 43% vol. is the declared ageless version of the Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt line. A blended malt with much of the whiskey from the Miyagikyo distillery and completed with distillate from Yoichi. The whiskey has matured around 10 years in different types of barrels, including sherry casks to give it that extra layer of complexity. Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 70cl 43%...

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  • Named after the column still in which it is distilled, normally reserved for grain whiskeys, Nikka Coffey Malt 70cl 45% vol. It is a fruity and spicy malt whiskey, which is part of the portfolio of the Japanese group since 2014 and has not stopped harvesting prizes since then, including the title of best Japanese whiskey of 2018 by Jim Murray. Named after the column still in which...

  • Nikka Black 8 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a Japanese blended malt made by the company Nikka Whisky Distilling, founded by which is considered the father of Japanese whisky and one of the most internationally acclaimed Japanese whisky companies. This rare bottle of Nikka Black shows a creamy, fruity character with lots of flavor and complexity. Nikka Black 8 Years 70cl 40% vol. is...

  • Togouchi 12 Years 70cl 40%vol. is a very peculiar whisky and not only because of its aromatic profile in which peat stands out. It is a whisky distilled in Scotland and Canada that ages in a tunnel excavated by the railway company of Japan in 1970. A Japanese blended with 40% malt whisky and 60% grain in which peat is more prominent than we have been used... Togouchi 12 Years 70cl 40%vol. is a...

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  • The last iteration of Nikka Yoichi Single Malt 70cl, 45% vol., a malt whiskey made in the Yoichi distillery in which the stills are still heated with direct coal-based fire. A smoked malt with a maritime and fruity character, with citrus notes, licorice, nutmeg and ginger. The last iteration of Nikka Yoichi...

  • The success of Japanese whiskey and more specifically of Suntory malt whiskeys has been growing dramatically over the past decade, but before being known for its malts, Suntory was traditionally famous for its blendeds. First introduced in 1960 to celebrate the company's 60th anniversary, Suntory Royal Blended 70cl 43% vol. It is made with Yamazaki,... The success of Japanese whiskey and...

Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items

Japanese Whisky

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