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Japanese Hibiki whiskey bottle


In this section you will find different categories related to the world of whiskey, in the All Whiskey section, you will find a selection of more than Two hundred whiskeys to choose from. In the Whiskey Gift category, gifts for lovers of this distillate, a selection of whiskeys from different areas and countries, and finally, from independent bottlers.

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  • All our Whisky

    Comprar Whisky Online

    Si quieres comprar un whisky, estás en el lugar indicado, te presentamos una fantástica selección de whisky de malta de Escocia, Japón, Irlanda, India, Nueva Zelanda, diferentes estilos de whiskey americano destacando el bourbon, Rye y Moonshine. Una selección pensada para satisfacer a los amantes del whisky con representación de todas las regiones y destilerías de Escocia, sin olvidar los principales embotelladores independientes.

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  • Whisky Presents

    Gift Whiskey

    Find original gifts for whiskey lovers at La Llar del vi. We make packs with the main drink, the best Scotch malt whiskey, as well as different glasses of malt whiskey and the perfect sweet or salty accompaniment to enjoy this spirit with all the senses. It is also possible to customize these packs to exclusively design the gift, choosing one of the whiskeys from our catalog, adjusting to all preferences, tastes and pockets. Give the gift of a good single malt whiskey!

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  • Japanese Whisky
    Botella de whisky Japonés Hibiki

    Japanese Whiskey

    Japanese whiskey has gained great recognition in recent decades, the two great distilleries, Yamazaki and Yoichi, owned by Suntory and Nikka respectively, they have collected a large number of awards and mentions, placing several of their whiskeys in the top ten for several consecutive years, above many Scottish distilleries. This projection has caused a great expansion in the European and American markets, in which they are increasingly popular.

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  • American Whisky
    Botella de whisky bourbon, Elijah Craig, Buffalo Trace y Bulleit

    American Whiskey

    In this category you will find a selection of American whiskey or 'whiskey'; Bourbon, Rye, Wheat, Corn, Single Barrel, Straight Bourbon ... A complex world of whiskey that you can explore thanks to a wide repertoire of different styles that we have selected for you.

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  • World Whisky
    Botella de whiskey Irlandés Teeling

    Whiskeys of the World

    As whiskey lovers, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful distillate made in different parts of the globe. In this selection of whiskeys you will find distillates made in countries such as Ireland, New Zealand, India, Taiwan, Wales and Canada among others.

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  • Independent Bottlers
    Botellas de whisky embotellado por el embotellador independiente Gordon & MacPhail.

    Independent Bottlers

    Independent bottlers are very common in the world of Scotch whiskey, they purchase barrels from distilleries and then bottle, usually without filtering in cold, without coloring, usually at "Cask Strength" and providing its own style, presentation and labeling. This practice is very common, it is a way for distilleries to generate extra profits, there are still distilleries that do not bottle their products and sell their whiskey exclusively to independent bottlers. This practice generates the benefit for whiskey lovers, of being able to find whiskeys from their favorite distillery with expressions and ages different from what is usual, which the distillery does not normally present to the public, at competitive prices.

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  • Black Bottle 70cl 40%vol. is a Scottish blended re-launched in 2013, a more balanced whisky than its predecessor, with spicy, fruity and smoky notes characteristic of Islay. To return to the roots of this 1879 whisky blend, the black bottle, which gives the whisky its name, has been recovered and the marked influence of Islay has been reduced by more... Black Bottle 70cl 40%vol. is a...

  • Created in Islay in 1920 to celebrate Lord Margadale's 21st anniversary, for fear that the whiskey from the local distillery, Laphroaig, was too powerful for some guests. Islay Mist Original Blend 70cl 40% vol. It is a Scottish blended that mixes malt whiskeys with notes of peat and smoked Laphroaig, malts with sweet notes of Speyside and grain whiskeys.... Created in Islay in 1920 to celebrate...

  • Glenfiddich 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a single malt scotch whisky from the region of Speyside made in the distillery founded by William Grant in 1876. 30% of the world's malt consumed is Glenfiddich and is that its light body and easy step make it a safe bet. Glenfiddich 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is...

  • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Straight Rye 70cl 45% vol. it is a rye whiskey distilled from a mixture of 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted barley and that, like the other expressions of the distillery, is submitted to the Lincoln County Process, so it is also filtered by saccharin maple coal. A Rye that presents in the nose notes of roasted grain and fried spicy... Jack Daniel's Tennessee Straight Rye...

  • Presented in a traditional style bottle, Bulleit Rye 70cl 45% vol. is a rye whiskey (or rye whiskey), a style of whisky prior to the famous Bourbon. Made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley, Bulleit Rye comes from one of the most outstanding distilleries in the production of rye whiskey, Bulleit, located in Louisville, Kentucky.   Warm entry, with spices... Presented in a traditional style...

  • The term 'Sheep Dip' refers to an old 'trick' used by farmers to avoid paying taxes on aging whiskey, marking it as if it were the insecticide used in ovjeas prior to shearing. Sheep Dip Islay 70cl 40% vol. It is made under the supervision of the famous blender master Richard Paterson using malts of eight to twelve years from the island of Islay. The term 'Sheep Dip' refers to an old...

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  • AnCnoc 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a malt whisky made in Knockdhu, distillery founded in 1894 and located on the edge of the Speyside region, in a small village called Knock. Described by Jim Murray as a whiskey that should be in any house where malt is enjoyed, it is one of the most recognizable exponents of the speyside style that bypasses the sherry cask... AnCnoc 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. is a...

  • Tomintoul Peaty Tang 70cl 40% vol. It is a single malt Scotch whiskey made in the Tomintoul distillery, located in Ballindallochn, in the Scottish region of Speyside. Peaty Tang uses malted barley with peat to add to the whiskey a smoky and smooth malted touch, a whiskey with the gentle character of Tomintoul, herbaceous notes and nuts with a smoky touch. Tomintoul Peaty Tang 70cl 40% vol. It...

  • Known as the Maritime Malt, Old Pulteney 12 Years 70cl 40% vol. It is a Scotch whiskey made in Wick, on the north coast of the Scottish Highlands. A distillate that ages for twelve years in ex-bourbon barrels under the influence of the constant sea breeze from the north. A popular malt with sweet notes of vanilla, citrus, oak and saline hints. Known as the Maritime Malt, Old...

  • Rebel Yell Small Batch Reserve Bourbon 70cl 45.3%vol. is a classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, immortalized by Billy Idol in the eighties and famous for both its quality and its association with rock stars, it is made in small batches from wheat, corn and malt. It is complex and softer than bourbons with rye mash, with notes of caramel, oak and... Rebel Yell Small Batch Reserve...

  • Highland Park 12 Años 70cl 40% vol. es un whisky escocés de malta de la región de Island producido por la destilería situada más al norte de Escocia, en la ciudad de Kirkwall, en la Isla de Orkney. Highland Park 12 Años está elaborado con cebada de cosecha propia malteada con turba, y madurado en barricas de Jerez. Un whisky con notas dulces y especiadas... Highland Park 12 Años 70cl 40% vol....

  • Auchentoshan Heartwood 1L 43% vol es un single malt escocés de la región de Lowland, muy cerca de Glasgow, que pasa su maduración tanto en barricas y toneles de roble americano de ex-bourbon como de Jerez. Destilado tres veces, como todos los whiskies de Auchentoshan, resulta suave y de trago fácil, en el que destacan las notas afrutadas y melosas. Auchentoshan Heartwood 1L 43% vol es...

Showing 1 - 12 of 153 items