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Premium Vodka
Premium Vodka
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Discover our select range of exclusive Vodkas, where you will find the best premium vodkas in the world, a selection designed for the most select palates.

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  • Vodka Cîroc 1L 40% vol. It is made in France by Jean-Sebastien Robicquet based on grapes harvested when it is frozen, at the time when sugars are more concentrated in the grape. Subsequently, the wine is fermented, then five distillations are carried out in the Distillerie de Chevanceaux distillery, four in column stills and one in copper still. Vodka Cîroc 1L 40% vol. It is made in...

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  • Belvedere 70cl vodka 40% vol. It is made with the strictest and oldest standards (600 years) in the world of processing, the Polish. Made with Dankowskie rye from the Mazovian plains, spring water and its quadruple distillation. Belvedere or "Nice to see" is one of the most recognized Premium vodkas thanks, in part, to its design inspired by the... Belvedere 70cl vodka 40% vol. It is...

  • The Russian vodka Stolichnaya Elit 70cl 40% vol. It has its origin in black and fertile Russian soils, with an excellent winter grain and three distillations over low heat. The alcohol is mixed with ice water at minus eighteen degrees, thus making all impurities separate from the mixture. The mixture is filtered again by increasing the temperature to 6 °... The Russian vodka Stolichnaya Elit...

  • Vodka Wyborowa Exquisite 70cl 40% vol., a Polish vodka of great recognition worldwide and with a spectacular presentation, the work of Frank Gehry, great architect Pritzker Prize winner. Wyborowa Exquisite is made from rye from Turew, distilled in raw alcohol at local distilleries and finished and refined at the Wyborowa distillery in Pozán. Vodka Wyborowa Exquisite 70cl 40%...

  • Beluga 1L noble vodka 40% vol. It is made in the Mariinsk distillery, founded in 1900 and located in the heart of Siberia. To make this vodka, malt is used, which is rare in the production of vodka. The alcohol is lowered with water extracted from wells of 300 meters in the Siberian rocky subsoil and then mature up to three months. Beluga 1L noble vodka 40% vol. It is...

  • Mamont Vodka is a Russian premium vodka of 70cl and 40% vol. It is a tribute to Siberia and its symbol, the Mamut Yukagir, unearthed in Yakutia in 2002 after 18,000 years under the ice. Mamont Siberian Vodka uses water from the Altai Mountains, Siberian wheat, cedar nuts (mammoth diet base) and is distilled six times using siberian silver birch charcoal. Mamont Vodka is a Russian premium...

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  • The Kauffman Vodka has redefined the category of Premium vodka being the first and only vodka in the world to be produced from a single crop with unique distillation processes, it is only made If the vintage meets the highest quality standards. Kauffman is compared to the best cognacs, whiskeys and wines in the world. Presented in a case with a... The Kauffman Vodka has redefined...

  • Vodka Skyy 90 1L 45% vol. It is made in San Francisco with a manufacturing process that uses the latest technology, with amber winter wheat a pure alcohol is made that is lowered with water from the mountains and bottled. Skyy 90 is bottled at 45% vol. thinking about making an extremely soft and contemporary Martini. Vodka Skyy 90 1L 45% vol. It is made...


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    Made in Poland, Ultimat vodka 70cl 40% vol. It differs from the rest of vodkas because it is the only vodka, which uses a combination of potatoes to make its alcoholic base, which gives it richness, wheat, which gives it softness, and rye, which gives it complexity. The product goes through ceramic and clay filters in 4 distillations. Presented in a hand... Made in Poland, Ultimat vodka 70cl...

  • Only European Shipping Available , email us for more info on european delivery locations & costs. Trump Vodka 1L 40% vol. It is made in Holland by the Wanders Distillers distillery, made with wheat and five distillations, four of them in active carbon, this Premium vodka belongs to the billionaire and US president, Donald Trump. Only European Shipping Available ,...

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Premium Vodka

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